Ask Wallace: Marrying Clowney, Murray’s future and A&M’s offensive tackles

NCAA Football: SEC Championship-Alabama vs Georgia

I’ve asked readers of Saturday Down South to send me their questions on College Football, Life and Love.  This is what they came back with.

By the way, in the last Q&A, I said LSU was the most likely team to be upset in the bowls.  What’s up?

Josh Ashworth asks:

@WillWallaceSEC My girlfriend and I are both Gamecock fans, would it be appropriate to have Clowney marry us without legal/religious consent?

Are you asking if it would be acceptable for you to marry both your girlfriend and South Carolina star Defensive Lineman Jadeveon Clowney?  I’m cool with it, but is “Society”?  It’s 2013!  Has this country still not progressed to a point where a man can marry both his long term girlfriend and his favorite defensive end?

I hope this happens for you.  There are so many benefits to such a marriage.  You’ll know be able to walk into any social situation and say, “I’m Josh.  This is my wife Ashley and our husband Jadeveon Clowney.  Ashley is in advertising and cooks like Giada on the Food Network, and Jadeveon decapitated a dude in the Outback Bowl.”  Your friends and foes will respect the hell out of you.

You would get to sit in the family section at games, which are always strong seats.  You would get to fly to New York for the Heisman ceremony and then go again when he becomes the #1 pick in the NFL draft.  And oh, the draft!  Think about all that paper he’ll be bringing in through his contract, signing bonus, and endorsements.  You’ll be able to provide your children with everything they’ll ever need.  Speaking of children, that is the best part.

Instead of watching kids with your limited athletic ability go through little league, AAU, High School sports… how great would it be if your kids were Jadeveon Clowney’s kids, with Jadeveon Clowney’s athletic ability?  How much more fun would that be?  How much more would you love those kids?

I’m not sure what Jadeveon Clowney gets out of this deal… forward a picture of you girlfriend.

Bailey asks:

@WillWallaceSEC is Aaron Murray more likely to stay with UGA for his senior year or go pro? And if he goes pro, what round of the draft?

I had an extremely heated debate with my buddy Rush about Aaron Murray’s NFL future while watching the Capital One Bowl.  I think it’s time for Murray to go pro and believe he could be a solid pro quarterback.  Rush thinks he should stay because he doesn’t have a huge arm and he’s too short to be a successful pro.

I argued that height isn’t as important in today’s NFL.  Russell Wilson is listed at 5’11”.  Last year at the NFL draft, ESPN’s Mel Kiper said of Wilson and short QB’s, “I say he’s a test case.  You’re talking about Russell Wilson in the NFL, he’ll get a chance to be a starting quarterback.  If he can’t get it done, for the next 10 years, I don’t want to hear anything about any quarterback under 6 feet, in that 5’11” range.  If this kid can’t make it, nobody can at that particular height.”

Wilson did pretty well, leading the Seattle Seahawks to a 11-5 (flip it around and you get 5’11”.  Is your mind blown???) record and a playoff berth.  The timing has never been better for a shorty QB to enter the draft.

Murray should go pro because this is an unimpressive quarterback crop and there are a lot of NFL teams who need quarterbacks.  Just look at the top ten picks in the NFL draft: The Chiefs, Jaguars, Raiders, Eagles, Browns Cardinals, Bills, Jets and probably the Titans all need quarterbacks.

Aaron Murray could start for all of those teams tomorrow (They shouldn’t take him that high, but they could trade back) Which QB’s would you take over Murray?  Barkley?  Maybe, he’s a little bit bigger than Murray, maybe with a slightly stronger arm, but with a lot more questions.  He’s more of a risk.  As is Geno Smith who struggled once defenses adjusted to West Virginia’s system.

Murray has been mentioned as a 2nd or 3rd round pick, and that’s fine.  This decision isn’t about how high he’ll go but the possibility of being a starting quarterback in the NFL.  He might not go in the first round but will that matter if he’s starting as a rookie?

Will another year of college help his NFL prospects?  It’s hard to say.  He’ll still be 6’1” and his arm won’t get much stronger.  I also believe that the Georgia coaches did Murray a disservice by not spiking the ball at the end of the Alabama game.  Kiper said about Murray, “He’s played a lot of football at Georgia, it seems like he’s been there forever. He’s an accurate passer. He’s won a lot of games. He didn’t win the big one. Obviously he had a chance against Alabama, but it got away from him late – you’ve gotta spike the ball in that situation. He didn’t, and they ran out of time.”

I agree that you have to spike the ball in that situation, but the decision not to spike wasn’t Murray’s.  After completing the long pass to Arthur Lynch to give Georgia First and Goal on the Alabama 8-yard line with 15 seconds left Murray was running down the field gesturing to spike the ball but the coaches told him to run the play.  He threw a pass that ended up being tipped and caught in bounds and the clock ran out.  That was on Richt, not Murray.  The fact that any blame falls on Murray is unfair but perception is often reality.

In other Kiper related news, he projects Mike Glennon as the first quarterback selected in the draft.  If you watched the Vanderbilt-N.C. State game, you know that is laughable.

Nobody asked, but I think Tyler Bray will be a good pro.

Editor’s note: It’s been announced that Aaron Murray will indeed return to Georgia for his senior season.

Tyler Montell asks:

@WillWallaceSEC Ok, I need some advice. I’m married and I need to look less attractive to the opposite sex, on twitter.  I keep getting followers that are naked or half naked women and they all want me to visit their websites. Please help.  I’m willing to tone down the wit in my tweets but can’t change my appearance (e.g. Money maker/ smile)

Why hide?  I’ve already given a guy above the green light to marry Jadeveon Clowney. Feel free to pursue all possible opportunities.

Tyler Brinkman asks:

@WillWallaceSEC Which way are A&M’s offensive tackles looking at the moment? Staying or going pro? 

Well, it sounds like All-American Right Tackle Jake Matthews will come back for this senior season despite being projected as a top 15ish pick in draft.  All eyes turn to Outland Trophy winning Left Tackle Luke Joeckel.  His decision is the most difficult decision to make in college football this season.

Without a surefire future of the franchise quarterback in this year’s draft teams, especially at the top of the draft, often look to lock up the best left tackle available to anchor the organization for the next decade.  Foxsports believes the Kansas City Chiefs should take Joeckel with the top pick in the draft.  Others have him top five, top ten at worst.  He’s got to go right?  I’m not so sure.

Something truly special is happening in College Station, something that Luke Joeckel couldn’t have expected when he committed to play for Mike Sherman.  He didn’t know he would be playing in the SEC, honing his abilities against the best defensive lines in the country week after week.  He didn’t know at the time that Kevin Sumlin would come over from Houston and instantly prove to be elite.  He also didn’t know that the guy he would be protecting might go on to be the greatest player in the history of college football.  Luke Joeckel didn’t know that he would be a major component of what has been the best story in college football this season.  If he comes back he could be playing on the #1 team in the country.

It reminds me of Florida Basketball player Joakim Noah, who was the starting center and breakout star for the 2006 National Championship Winning Florida Gators.  After being named most outstanding player of both the Minneapolis Regional and the Final Four, Noah was being projected as the #1 pick in the 2006 NBA Draft.

But Noah felt that he was a part of something special, along with Al Horford, Corey Brewer, Taurean Green and Head Coach Billy Donovan, he knew he could possibly win back-to-back National Championships and possibly leave his mark forever on college basketball.  And he did.

Noah went pro a year later, a year better, but not at the number one spot.  He went number 9.  It may have hurt his wallet in the short term but he found himself with the Bulls playing alongside Derek Rose and is currently one of the best defensive players in the NBA and the anchor of one of the best teams in the NBA.  He’ll be for a decade. He has no regrets.

If Joeckel goes pro he may be the number one pick, if he stays he could leave some money on the table but he could leave an A&M legend, which is always a nice thing to be in your post-football career.  The pros will still be there.  He should stay.

Besides, his twin brother Matt is backing up Johnny Football.  Everyone knows how weird twins are, so he will probably stay because of some strange twin connection.

Caitlyn Shepard asks:

@WillWallaceSEC How can i get @Will_Muschamp to notice me? Had a crush on him for a while now but i’m sooooo shy

Well, Caitlyn, from what I can tell, if you really want Will Muschamp’s attention you should become a ref in the SEC and then blow a call against the Gators.  Then you’ll get his attention.

If that doesn’t work become an elite high school defensive back.  Muschamp loves those, too.

If you mean fake Will Muschamp on twitter it may take an Al from Dadeville like attack on the hedges in Athens to catch his eye.

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