SEC Football News on Saturday Down South

Thanks to Michigan State, Auburn will play FSU in the national championship

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It’s the final year of the BCS, and you had to know something crazy was going to happen this weekend.

And it did.

Michigan State took down #2 Ohio State 34-24, and now, Auburn will play Florida State in the BCS National Championship in Pasadena. The Seminoles beat Duke 45-7, and they have looked like the best team in college football throughout the regular season.

But Auburn will bring the most dominant running game in the country, and it will be quite the showdown.

The SEC will play for an eighth straight national championship in January. Unprecedented.

Photo Credit: Kevin Liles-USA TODAY Sports

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Comments 12

  1. Florida St maybe the best in the country, but they haven’t played anyone. Besides Clemson, which isn’t that great of a team, FSU has played one of the weakest schedules I have every seen, Even weaker than Ohio St. Auburn has played an extremely difficult schedule and can run the ball on anyone. I’m tired of hearing how good FSU’s defense is, of course their defense looks good because they haven’t played anyone.

    • yeah let’s go out of our way to be a hater. how many FSU games have you watched?

      • I’ve watched almost all of them, and 3 in person. Wife & in-laws all FSU alums. They are very good, but he is right, other than Clemson, they’ve not been tested. I would fully expect Ole Miss to be 11-1 with their schedule. Doesn’t mean FSU isn’t good, just not tested.

  2. Well if we can’t it at one school we might as well keep it in one state. War Eagle come January.

  3. War Eagle!! FSU is a great team. But if Auburn can run the ball like that on the SEC’s best defenses……

  4. Gotta hand it to Sparty, they’ve got a solid defense

  5. War Eagle come January!

  6. the real championship was michigan state vs ohio state..