10 interesting stats about the SEC Championship Game: Auburn vs. Missouri


The SEC Championship game, which has been the de facto national championship game the last several years, kicks off tomorrow at 4:00 PM ET.

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What will 2013 have in store? It’ll be fun finding out.

Here are 10 interesting stats about Auburn and Missouri:

318.25 vs. 236.92

Auburn averages 318.25 rushing yards per game. Missouri is second with 236.92 per game. Auburn is one of two teams in college football with four 500-yard rushers – Tre Mason (1,317), Nick Marshall (922), Corey Grant (585) and Cameron Artis-Payne (573). Missouri has three over 500.

37 vs. 25

Missouri leads the SEC with 37 sacks. Twenty-eight of those have come in SEC play. Auburn is fourth with 25. Sixteen of those 25 have come in SEC play. How much of a factor will Missouri’s athletic defensive line really be?

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121 vs. 91

Auburn has recorded 121 plays of 10-plus rushing yards. Missouri is second with 91.

+15 vs. +1

Missouri has dominated turnover margin the entire season and leads the SEC at +15. Auburn is tied for 6th with +1.

305 vs. 122

Auburn is second in the SEC with 305 total punt return yards for one touchdown. This doesn’t include Chris Davis 100-yard ‘kick-six’ against Alabama. Missouri is 8th in the SEC with 122 total yards. Marcus Murphy is due to return a punt for a touchdown.

18 vs. 12

Missouri has an SEC-high 18 INTs for the season. Auburn is tied for 7th with 12 total. However, as little as Auburn throws the ball, is Missouri’s ball-hawking secondary at a disadvantage?

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1,952 vs. 1,627

Mizzou QB James Franklin has thrown for 1,952 yards, 16 TDs and four INTs in four less games compared to Nick Marshall’s 1,627 yards, 11 TDs and five INTs. Marshall, however, has rushed for 922 yards and 10 TDs, compared to Franklin’s 412 yards and three TDs.

23.3 vs. 18.7

Auburn’s Sammie Coates is a big-play receiver, averaging 23.3 yards per reception. Coates has 32 catches for 747 yards and six TDs. Mizzou’s big-play receiver is L’Damian Washington, who has caught 44 passes for 824 yards and 10 TDs, averaging 18.7 yards per catch. Mizzou has three receivers over 500 yards. Auburn has one over 300.

61 vs. 61

Both Auburn and Missouri have scored 61 touchdowns during the regular season. Auburn has scored 38 in SEC play, while Mizzou has scored 36.

88% vs. 87.5%

Auburn has scored 88 percent of the time in the red zone. Missouri has scored on 87.5 percent. Both teams have kicked nine field goals in the money zone, and Missouri has scored 40 TDs, compared to Auburn’s 35.

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  • Can you see any two teams more compareable that would play for the SEC CG? I think the right teams made it. As a poster said earlier (give credit where credit is due) “War Damn Truman!” LOL

  • Jon, very interesting but I think the common opponents mean a lot more, see my response to your “numbers” story

  • I think the most interesting stat, which is not listed here, is both of these teams went from “worst to first” in their divisions from last season to this season. That is truly remarkable in the any conference, but even more so in the SEC. Congrats to both schools.

    • the point is the same but actually Missouri finished ahead of Kentucky and Tennessee in division play last year. Also important, since Missouri play Alabama and aTm last year the computer ranked their strength of schedule #1 last year

  • Jon, I don’t understand your comment about receivers. “Mizzou has three receivers over 500yds. Auburn has one over 300.”

    You already mentioned Coates has over 700. Did you mean Auburn has one other receiver over 300? If so, did you mean that Mizzou has three other receivers over 500 in addition to Washington?

  • no what he meant was that coates is the only auburn receiver with more than 300 yards. great stats. great article. I really like the part about Missouri’s ball Hawking. a very valid and interesting point. it’s been fun Jon. I really enjoy your articles and everyone on this site.

  • If the SEC is so tough, why is there a Big 12 team playing for the SEC Championship? 45 – 42 after 3 quarters!!! Does anyone play defense in this conference?

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