Arkansas DE Austin Flynn arrested


It’s officially the offseason, and we’ve seen six arrests in the last four days, including the Bama four on Monday and Eddie Williams’ arrest on Sunday prior to his second arrest on Monday.

Now, Arkansas’ 247Sports reported senior defensive end Austin Flynn was arrested this morning, and he faces charges of DWI, careless driving and no proof of insurance.

Here’s a link to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office with Flynn’s arrest information.

Flynn played in all 12 games last year and recorded 10 tackles, 1.5 tackles for loss and three quarterback hurries.

Thankfully, it looks like Flynn didn’t hurt anyone on the road.

Arkansas fans are eager to see how Coach Bielema handles his first offseason incident.

Update:  Flynn had a blood alcohol content .14 according to the report. The legal limit is .08.

Here’s a report of the incident from Whole Hog Sports:

Flynn was stopped by a police officer who said in the report he observed Flynn driving 40 miles per hour in a 25 mile per hour zone and also swerving into the roadway and crossing the center line.

Flynn told the officer he had driven some friends home after they had been on Dickson Street and was on his way home and said he had two beers earlier in the night. He speech was slurred and he had bloodshot eyes, according to the report, and on a field sobriety test he exhibited numerous clues consistent with being intoxicated. He then provided a breath sample at the Washington County Detention Center.

Photo Credit: Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports



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  • Can we please stop getting arrested, people? I mean, common. You go to school free and play big-time football. It will be quite interesting to see Bielema’s discipline in action. Wonder if he makes an example of him?

  • i believe some people have it in for the SEC

  • The law enforcement in Fayetteville will always make the reports sound this way. They have to cover themselves completely so they’ll juice up the report to make him sound completely intoxicated. Not saying that driving under the influence is right… Hopefully it all works out for him school/athletic/law wise.

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