Iron Man: Vandy QB Austyn Carta-Samuels went 3-0 on torn ACL, out for bowl game


Vanderbilt senior QB Austyn Carta-Samuels’ career at Vanderbilt is over, and he suffered the torn ACL against Georgia. He didn’t play against Texas A&M or Florida. However, being the Iron Man that he is, Carta-Samuels returned to play the final three games and recorded wins against Kentucky, Tennessee and Wake Forest.

Vanderbilt confirmed that Carta-Samuels did have surgery at the end of November, and he’ll return to take part in Vandy’s March Pro Day, via the AP.

”That guy made the ultimate commitment to his team. He’s had his surgery and will be back for pro day,” Franklin said.

Carta-Samuels finished 193 of 281 for 2,268 yards, 11 TDs and nine INTs. Backup Patton Robinette will start against Houston in the Compass Bowl.

What a way to finish your career, finishing 3-0 on a torn ACL. How many players can say that?

Photo Credit: Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports



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  • Kudos to Carta-Samuels. And here I thought Aaron Murray was tough for playing multiple plays on a torn ACL. This guy went through several games. All of these rules meant to protect QBs certainly aren’t making QB’s any less tough.

    • My thoughts exactly. Says a lot about his character for going three whole games with a torn ACL

    • I’m asking myself, under what circumstances should an athlete play on a torn ACL. I can’t think of any justification for this. A ligament has to connect a muscle to a bone, once it tears the end starts to deteriorate, blood supply and tissue?? What is the new repair technique whereby that tissue is expendable? This doesn’t even consider the risk to other ligaments bones tendons related?

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