BCS playoff rotation announced


If you’re dreading the first full week without college football since last August, do not worry, because in the future, tonight would be the night of the new national championship game in college football.

The dates and semifinal locations of some of the upcoming college football playoffs have been announced.

For the most part, the following rules are in place:

  1. The semifinal games rotate through 6 bowls. The Rose & Sugar Bowls are paired together meaning the Rose and Sugar will host semifinal games in the same years every three years.
  2. The Rose and Sugar Bowl have secured the premiere New Year’s Day slot regardless of whether or not they are hosting the semifinal games. The only exception is when Jan 1 is a Sunday (NFL day). The Rose is slotted for 5:00 PM ET and the Sugar at approximately 8 PM ET.
  3. The semifinal games will always be either Dec 31st or Jan 1 – Jan 1 when Rose/Sugar are hosting; Dec 31 when the other 4 bowls are hosting
  4. The Championship Game will be on Monday night anywhere from 7 to 11 days after the semifinal games. The first Championship Game is Jan 13, 2015, but in some years it could go as late as Jan 14th.

Here is the schedule for the first few years which will show you what the three year rotation will look like:

2014 Season:

  • National Semifinals: Jan 1, 2015 at Rose & Sugar Bowls
  • Championship Game: Mon, Jan 12th at TBA
  • Orange Bowl & three other “access” bowls will be played Dec 31 and Jan 1

2015 Season:

  • National Semifinals: Dec 31, 2015 at TBA
  • Championship Game: Monday, Jan 11th at TBA
  • Rose & Sugar Bowls: Friday, Jan 1; Orange & three other “access bowls” will be TBA

2016 Season:

  • National Semifinals: Dec 31, 2016 at TBA
  • Championship Game: Monday, Jan 9th at TBA
  • Rose & Sugar Bowls: Monday, Jan 2; Orange & three other “access bowls” will be TBA

Still To Be Announced:

  1. In addition to Rose, Sugar & Orange, the three remaining playoff sites to be included in the rotation are still to be selected. Most assume they will be Fiesta (Glendale, AZ), Cotton (Arlington, TX) and Chick-fil-A (Atlanta).
  2. We’re also still waiting for the first Championship site selected to be announced. It will likely be the same venue as one of the six venues included in the rotation.

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  • Could someone PLEASE tell me, other than $$$$, why the Championship game is still planned to be on a MONDAY night? Even the name of this website is SATURDAY DOWN SOUTH! Saturday at 4:00 or even 8:00 pm would be perfect for game cookouts, parties, etc. I watch all the BAMA games with my Daughter and Granddaughter throughout the season. Then, we can’t watch the most important game of the season because of school and work the next day. That IS NOT FAN FRIENDLY!

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