Four SEC teams ranked in top 10 of last ever BCS rankings


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The BCS delivered yet another masterful and final season, and the two best teams in college football — FSU and Auburn — are once against playing for a national championship. Why are we doing away with this system again? This marks the final BCS rankings ever.

Still can’t get over what an incredible season we had in 2013!

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Final Regular Season BCS Rankings

1. FSU
2. Auburn
3. Alabama

4. Michigan State
5. Stanford
6. Baylor
7. Ohio State
8. Missouri
9. South Carolina
10. Oregon
11. Oklahoma
12. Clemson
13. Oklahoma State
14. Arizona State
15. UCF
16. LSU
17. UCLA
18.  Louisville
19. Wisconsin
20. Fresno State
21. Texas A&M
22. Georgia
23. Northern Illinois
24. Duke
25. USC

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  • How in the hell does TAM jump UGA??? They were 24 then jumped to 21??? the hell is going on…

  • How does Mizzou stay in front of South Carolina? Carolina beat them at Mizzou and Mizzou got blown out in the championship game. SC beat 3 BCS top 15 team this year, 2 on the road…

    • Missouri won one more game, and i didn’t see the score of the South Carolina v Auburn game, but one thing I can tell you is that Missouri was ahead of Auburn 5 different times in the game so your characterization of final score as a blow-out shows that you don’t no much about how two great attacking football team can match up at times. I agree that you have one point in your favor regarding South Carolina squeaking out an over time win at Missouri. But what you should be asking is how Ohio State Stanford, Baylor, and Michigan State could be ahead of either Missouri or South Carolina. Finally, it silly to drop the ranking of any team losing to a BCS #2, unless they were BCS #1, laughs

    • You answered your own question…Championship game. Which Mizzou played in, not you. sadly

  • I see it as #5 Missouri, #6 South Carolina. Stanford and Baylor don’t belong where they have them placed. I also think LSU should be #11 or #12 but hey, they shot themselves in the foot several times this year so it is what it is.
    Oldwarskule…. Big 10 is so much better than what? Conference USA? Sun-Belt? Because I know you can’t be talking about it being better than the SEC. Lets make it 8 in a row Auburn.

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