Auburn’s defensive meeting room has one sign, one goal: ‘Beat Bama’


Auburn four-star defensive back commit Nick Ruffin provided an inside look at one of Auburn’s defensive meeting rooms, which includes a giant sign that says it all: ‘Beat Bama’.

Assuming you have a pulse, Beat Bama echoes the sentiments shared by every Auburn fan, player and administrator ever.

The two-time national champions have outscored Auburn 91-14 in the last two seasons, and the game returns to Jordan-Hare in 2013.



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  • This is both lame and hilarious at the same time. Auburn only cares about one game a year and everyone else wants to win them all.
    No other team has a one game season like Auburn does…sad.

  • Comparing the Egg Bowl to the Iron Bowl? Really? That’s like comparing Obama to a good president.

    • And which one is which? Recent years have seen the Egg bowl become more interesting and seems to be the more intense rivalry lately IMO. That’s what SEC football is all about regardless of the records.

  • I actually think Auburn has the mindset to be competing for the same goals as Alabama. Whether or not their reason for winning in 2010 can be attributed to Cam Newton, Auburn still won a title. And there are still folks there that feel they could do it again at some point. Now whether or not that can actually happen is a whole different story, but the fact is that the program has experienced the ultimate prize, and their future teams will always have that goal in mind. That’s the biggest difference between the Iron Bowl and the Egg Bowl. Not only do Alabama/Auburn want to best their in-state rival, they want to the chance to brag about how their team won a national championship. In the state of Mississippi, Ole Miss/Mississippi State only want to be better than one another. It never seems that either team is actually fighting for something greater. They, and their fanbases, just anticipate the opportunity to boast and brag about their team’s success in the Egg Bowl. And maybe that complacency is the reason why their programs seem to remain mediocre. Alabama’s 2010 season was considered underachieving by their fans, not because they lost to Auburn, but because they didn’t win the national title. Losing to Auburn just added insult to injury. I’m sure the same can be said with Auburn in the past 2 seasons.

    • The signs at Bama were laminated posters that were temporarily affixed with tape for one season after that awful loss. This looks like it’s permanently painted to the Barn’s wall. So yeah, Auburn is sad since this is their sole motivation, regardless of how the previous year’s Iron Bowl transpired.

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