Big Ten officials to work the BCS National Championship between Auburn-FSU


At least the Big Ten can close out the BCS era with a semi-championship.

The BCS National Championship will feature referees from the Big Ten Conference, according to national officiating coordinator Rogers Redding. The names of the working officials will not be released until the day of the game.

Because of the eight-year national championship streak, SEC officials haven’t worked the big game since the 2004 season.

According to, here’s a blip about the penalties called by Big Ten officials against every other conference:

This season, Big Ten teams on average were penalized the fewest amount among BCS conferences at 4.83 penalties per game. Auburn is tied for 37th nationally in fewest penalties per game (5.0), and Florida State is tied for 61st (5.46).

Penalties per game for other BCS conferences: SEC 5.56, ACC 5.64, Pac-12, 5.95, Big 12 6.43, American Athletic Conference 6.72. Officiating crews for other bowl games have not been publicly announced yet.

FSU and Auburn will go to work January 6th for all the marbles.

Photo Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports



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