Bold Prediction: Alabama vs Texas A&M BCS Championship

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Alabama

As we’re inside 100 days ’til kickoff, we start our series of bold predictions on the 2013 season. First up… the potential of an all SEC West BCS Championship matchup at the conclusion of the season.

Why Alabama vs Texas A&M? Well, there’s really no two teams better setup for such an opportunity.

The three reasons why this can absolutely happen next season are:

  1. Both teams will enter the season highly ranked
  2. They meet early on September 14th
  3. Both teams have very easy schedules

Let’s start with the first point. Both teams wrapped up last year on massive highs. Alabama of course smashed the Irish to take home another championship. The Aggies brought a Heisman trophy to College Station and crushed former Big 12 opponent Oklahoma. Both teams being ranked in the top five in the 2013 preseason polls is very likely.

The preseason rankings are key. When one of these teams lose to the other on September 14th, it means that the other won’t drop too far in the rankings.

The fact that the teams meet so early in the season allows the losing team to easily rebound in the rankings over the course of a long season.

Most importantly, both teams have extremely easy schedules. We have Alabama as the easiest schedule in the SEC, and Texas A&M with the second easiest. Like I said, it’s a perfect setup. Want to get more specific? Look at Alabama’s six games after playing the Aggies. Then, they get a bye week before playing the other tough game on their schedule (LSU). What do you know? The Aggies also have a bye week before playing LSU late in the season.

Both the Tide and the Aggies could easily run the table after playing each other in mid September. This is the most likely scenario where two SEC teams can play in the BCS Championship. Two teams from the same division that play each other early; due to being in the same division, they can’t play each other in the SEC Championship. Essentially the same situation with the Alabama vs LSU game two years ago.

As for fan pushback on another All-SEC championship game – or more importantly, voter pushback – the inclusion of Nick Saban and Johnny Manziel add an absolute level of “sex appeal” to the matchup that should help alleviate this anti-SEC attitude. An “instant classic” between the two teams on the 14th of September of course will help the cause.



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  • I really like this prediction and hadn’t thought about that happening until I read this article but it really does add up to us having the BCS Championship game on lock down again this year. Damn, wouldn’t that be great.
    Love the prediction Kevin, lets all pray that it comes true.

  • Hopefully, the voters and he computer rankings will even things out by taking in to account Bamer’s and Texas A&M’s weak schedules. They shouldn’t get a pass, based on what they did last year; especially since Bamer backed in to the NC game, again, last year, thanks to a weak schedule and a few teams losing games they should have won. On top of that, they got to play a team with a weaker schedule, in the NC game. LSU will beat one, if not both Bamer and A&M. Bamer and Georgia have been treated very good by the SEC schedule makers. Florida has had the toughest schedule, every year, lately. What’s up with that?

    • I thought Gator’s stopped whining after Meyer left, I guess not. Didn’t the Gators back into a Championship the year they lost to Ole Miss? I thought so. Also, the schedules are made years before the games are played so complaining about scheduling is getting old. Auburn is usually pretty good, as is Tennessee as is Penn State as is Virginia Tech etc….If there is a legitimate complaint it’s haveing 7 teams with bye’s before you play them like Alabama had in 2011 or even 4 last year, both were the most in the SEC. But nobody seem to care about that. Deal with it and leave the whining to Meyer and OSU.

    • Dude have you not seen UGA’s September? We play 3 top ten caliber teams in 4 weeks. Did UF have a tough schedule last year? Sure…but I hate to rain on your conspiracy parade… the sec schedule is on a rotation so not like anyone has control over it.

  • Don’t forget about the dawgs…Or actually do, it will just make the upset that much better.

  • This could very well be the case come January. We all saw how last year played out with Oregon and Kansas State. Alabama and Texas A&M both have favorable schedules, and either one could run the tables in the SEC. I think it only happens if the September game is close, and obviously every other team in the country has to lose at least once. This is the final year of the BCS format, and it would be nice to end the era with another All-SEC title game.

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