SEC’s 14 burning questions for week 7


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Week seven’s schedule welcomes a slew of SEC games as teams continuing battling for supremacy.

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Here are the burning questions for week 7:

1. Alabama: Can Alabama win a championship without production from WR Amari Cooper?

2. Arkansas: Will Arkansas win another game for the rest of the season?

3. Auburn: Will Carl Lawson be a higher draft pick than Robert Nkemdiche in two years?

4. Florida: Can Florida’s defensive line get enough pressure on Zach Mettenberger to disrupt the passing game?

5. Georgia: Is Todd Grantham the SEC’s most underwhelming defensive coordinator at this point?

6. Kentucky: Will Kentucky score double digits against Alabama?

7. LSU: Can LSU’s defense stop Florida’s pro-style, revived attack with Tyler Murphy?

8. Mississippi State: At what point does Dan Mullen enter the hot seat zone? Are we there yet?

9. Missouri: Can Missouri outscore Georgia?

10. Ole Miss: Is Ole Miss the biggest disappointment through six weeks?

11. South Carolina: Should Steve Spurrier tell Jadeveon Clowney to take a hike and stop distracting the team?

12. Tennessee: Isn’t Tennessee right where you expected them to be (3-3)?

13. Texas A&M: Did the defense get any better over the bye week?

14. Vanderbilt: What’s the bigger disappointment for the Dores – linebacker or the secondary?

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  • Georgia: Grantham may not be the most underwhelming, but he damn sure is fighting for that spot. Thank God we had the talent we did last year, because it turns out they might have compensated for poor coaching to just get to average. The real question is: what do you do about it? We will return nearly our entire defense next year, so do we want to get rid of Grantham and learn a new system, potentially hindering our chances for a run at an SEC champ and playoff berth? Or do we keep him, potentially hindering our chances for a run at an SEC champ and playoff berth? LOL

    • Think it also has a lot to do with yall’s guys being so young. You can get by with a good bit of veterans and a few new ones. The young ones can feed off of that. But with y’all having so many young ones, it’s just a big learning year. I think Grantham is doing the best he can. I think he’ll be able to get them to playing Georgia defense by next year.

      • I would get on board with the “young” excuse, but for two things: 1) We were far from young last year and struggled for the most part and 2) We’ve played 5 games thus far and have seen little or no improvement. Thought the running D was improved, but Rajion Neal proved otherwise. And the secondary has shown zero improvement. If there has been any improvement, it’s been with our D-line play, but that can be attributable to Chris Wilson’s arrival.

  • Alabama: They’ve made it fine without him so far.
    Arkansas: I think they squeak by with at least two more wins.
    Auburn: Too early to tell. But if they were eligible for the draft this year, yes I think he would go higher.
    Florida: It will be a fun matchup to watch
    Georgia: He’s got a lot of young talent. I think he’s doing the best he can. They have done well so far doing what it takes to get by. May not be as pretty as UGA fans want it to be, but whatever works, works.
    Kentucky: No way
    LSU: I would like to think so. But I think last year’s LSU defense was better, and Florida eventually wore them down.
    Miss. State: MSU doesn’t have championship expectations so I don’t see why he would be on the hot seat.
    Missouri: Could they? yes. Will they? I don’t think so, but I think it will be close.
    Ole Miss: Aside from Jadeveon Clowney, yes.
    SCAR: Yes.
    Tennessee: Yes, but they look more improved than I expected them to be.
    Texas A&M: Couldn’t have gotten much worse
    Vanderbilt: Secondary. They were supposed to be as good or better than Florida’s

  • hey dawg780 you guys have been playing top notch competition which may not be the best or lets say fastest way for young guys to learn.although it does mean you have to learn on the fly. the one thing I believe that has helped Mizzou the most is we’ve had four practice games to get our guys ready. Although I think considering the games you’ve played you’re still looking great.

  • is gurley playing this week? or marshall? i think if either are playing our odds of winning are diminished quite a bit. even though they weren’t that great to be begin with.

    • Where have you been? Marshall is out for the season. Gurley is day-to-day. Doubtful he plays. Justin Scott-Wesley and Malcolm Mitchell or out for the season. Bennett is out at least until Florida game. Now, our offense is inexperienced as much as our defense. Should be fun to watch though.

  • Finally the blame is where it should be! Everyone screams for Bobo to be fired when it’s Grantham losing the games. Our offense is awesome, our defense has been lacking since Grantham came to town.

  • Your offense was awesome….taking those kinds of hits to the personnel has to have an effect. Ga nation should be concerned that games may start relying heavier on defensive play which everyone realizes is the weak link. Ga games just become more interesting to watch.

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