Fan launches petition over CBS Sports’ SEC Championship broadcast

2010 September 18 15 38 23

Gary Danielson and Verne Lundquist have faced controversy from fans over the years during their time as CBS Sports broadcasters. They’ve almost become ingrained in our lives and our fall ritual of watching CBS Sports’ SEC Game of the Week.

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I feel like I know both of them.

But one Alabama fan named Andy Bearden isn’t happy with Danielson and Lundquist, and he filed a petition to have CBS remove the two broadcasters from the air.

Bearden’s reasons were based on impartiality.

“Their commentary is extremely negative for most of the game. They are also two of the most biased commentators on TV. They cannot remain neutral at all! They pick their team in the game and constantly berate the other team!”

Lundquist has been a broadcaster since 1970, on different assignments with TNT, ABCS and CBS, while Danielson has been with CBS since 2006 after a career with ABC/ESPN and as a former player.

CBS’ SEC Game of the Week has consistently dominated ratings the entire season, and the SEC Championship game was the highest rated game of the season and the highest rated conference championship this year.

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I’ve always thought Danielson has done a really solid job. He played football, and he knows football. Lundquist is just a sidekick, play-by-play guy who chortles and says, “Oh my!” too loud. I haven’t had a problem with either, and I’ve always thought they’ve done a solid job in their analysis and commentary.

No sportscaster will truly satisfy the masses, and Danielson and Lundquist have been solid throughout their careers.

Do you like Danielson and Lundquist? Do you share Bearden’s same sentiments?



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  • I love Verne and Gary. Sometimes familiarity breeds irreplaceable nostalgia. Plus it’s funny to make fun of the fact that Verne can’t see the field very well and has to say “I beg your pardon” every few plays. Plus he killed it in Happy Gilmore.

    In all seriousness, I’d miss them.

    • Everyone needs to sign the petition to remove these idiots. There are over 4500 signatures so far. The link ( is in the article.

      • LMAO they are the best broadcasting duo in the nation. Whether I believe it or not its enough for me that a bunch of life’s losers who think they are winner because they bought a Bama T shirt and claim themselves as a fan of a college football team dont like them. Wait till Saban leaves for Texas.

  • They are so bad, that watching games is almost unbearable. Thses two had been so anti Auburn that it makes me sick, they were Auburn bashing all season until the SEC championship where they flip flopped and loved Auburn, and hates Mizzou for no reason. When Swain went down injured for Auburn against Arkansas they showed that replay over and over again saying how he was faking it, they didn’t do that to another team also season. Its funny because they were so sure Swain was faking, he just so happened to not step on the field again until the SEC championship game because he was really injured. Those two make me sick they are the worst casters on tv and nothing more I want then to see those two removed. Danielson is so infatuated with Alabama I truly believe he is a full fledged Bamer. Probably claims he graduated from Bama instead of Purdue. As for Vern, he just knows nothing of football and acts really obnoxious, its sad.

    • First of all, I’m an Ole Miss fan. But really, everyone in their right mind that saw Swain go down against Arkansas thought he was faking it. I think they are one of the best broadcasting duo in the country. As SEC fans, we are lucky to have such a group of great broadcasters that call our games, and not just Gary and Vern. Espn and CBS make sure that whoever calls the SEC’s games are really good.

      • To think he is faking it is one thing, but to repeatedly call him out and show the replay over and over, while he misses the next 5 games is different. When other players went down out of no where against Auburn, they never once mentioned anything other then concern for that player. They were anti Auburn the entire season until the SEC championship game when they were anti Missouri for no reason. I am an Auburn fan and I still can’t stand how bias they were against Missouri

    • Oh, c’mon. I think they did a fantastic job. Here’s a good read on Lundquist: He is a pro.

      Don’t mess with Verne

    • If you read the post they linked “Hey CBS, I’m calling you out.” You’d see an Alabama fan crying that VL/GD were too anti-Alabama. I think all of you that think the commentary is “biased” are just angry that not everyone is 100% with you. Why don’t you all stop crying and realize that these two are the best tandem in football broadcasting right now. Just count your blessings that it’s not Joe Buck every week.

    • Ummm, he was faking it. Anyone with a fair and objective view could tell you that. Announcers bounce back and forth all the time during the game as they usually call the game in favor of team winning at the time. Best group IMO is Rece Davis, Jessie Palmer and David Pollack. Good balance of QB play (Palmer), defense perspective (Pollock) and excellent play-by-play from Davis.

    • You idiot, they didn’t cover the Arkansas and Auburn game it was on ESPN, you have it all wrong they have been all about Auburn all year praising them. Gary is always saying negative things about Bama which he did in the Iron bowl, In the SEC championship game he was still pulling for Auburn, you don’t even know what you are talking about. If you think they covered that game then you are not a true fan how about look it up, you will find it was on ESPN. Which Gary and Verne do no TV for. If you look up that weekend there was 3 more interesting games than the one you speak of. For the record the guys at ESPN got it right Swain did fake that injury everyone in the country knows it. That is besides the point if you are going to come on here and make stupid comments actually know what you are saying before you say it. They are very biased, they are very negative in a lot of games but I honestly can’t tell you who their favorite team is, it changes every game. I can’t say that they are Bammers as you so nicely put it. It’s clearly not the case he has constantly said Alabama can’t win without so and so, he is a bandwaggon jumper. For the most part he has been on Auburns all season, you should be happy. I don’t think they have a favorite I wouldn’t say they are neutral by no means, they find a team in the game they like, and they pull for that team that weekend it’s pretty clear.

  • I like Lundquist but he has gotten too old. Danielson is always biased.

    by the way, Lundquist is the Play by Play guy and Danielson is the color analyst (ie: the sidekick)

  • They make me thankful for the MUTE button which I use when I have to watch a game they are calling. Same goes for Costas and Mushberger. :-)

  • They aren’t my favorites but I don’t have as much problem with them as I do with CBS as a whole. Tim Brando and Spencer Tillman are so negative in their commentary and watching a game on CBS seems to take 30 minutes – hour longer than on ESPN or other networks. Even when I’m watching a game with my team in it, it becomes more like a task to stay committed to!

  • They ruined the SEC championship game. No matter how expensive the tickets, transportation, food, and lodging, it would have been worth it not to have to listen to them act like cheerleaders for one team and apply tokenisms to the other. Clearly Auburn pulled away and won this contest in the 4th quarter, but if you could only hear and not see the game, you would have been convinced that the game started out 59-0 and ended 59-0. Go Auburn, Keep the crystal ball in the SEC, but a word to the wise, you are not going to get away with holding the front of the opponents jerseys on every play, often multiple blockers holding. There was a reason why Missouri allowed so many running yards against Auburn but less against other good running attacks. This was only partly good blocking, good running backs, and good deception. High fives to every Auburn player that did their job without cheating. Great year for SEC football, I really liked Alabama, South Carolina, Ole Miss, Tennessee, Mississippi State, LSU, and Vanderbilt, and many things I liked about the teams I didn’t list. So lets go kick some backsides in the bowls.

  • Verne and Gary are great. People just get mad whenever they say one little thing wrong about their team or give a complement to a rival team, and instantly start calling it a “clear bias”.

    Just shut up, they really aren’t anymore biased than any other commentators.

    • I’m waiting for all the Mizzou fans to come in here complaining about it. Maybe some bama fans from a couple weeks ago too. It’s kinda sad. These games are entertaining to watch and these guys are great announcers. I do wonder who they consider a better announcer? Herm Edwards? Joe Buck? lol…

    • Perhaps you were watching a different game but they were constantly talking about how amazing Auburn was. Every score for Auburn was a brilliant play, every score for Mizzou was either a fluke or shouldn’t have counted. The real obvious moment was when Josey was already out of bounds, then shoved, and hit the cart and the commentary was “Well, he had a hand in his face and that made him mad and that’s why he shoved him.” Them trying to justify that was pretty egregious and was the last straw for me.

      • I remember that play it ticked me off too. I don’t like these two goobers either. I’ll sign it. Good announcers don’t have to show favoritism. My favorites are Brad Nessler and Todd Blackledge. They call a good game without favorites. While we are on announcers, when is mushberger going to retire? I noticed Herby abandoned him this year. I think he got tired of Jack Daniels doing the talking by the 4th quarter.

  • I know Verne can say unequivocally he is one of the nicest and friendliest people you want to meet, so was Keith Jackson. Both are from an era when the play-by-play and color commentator were there to guide the fan through the game (almost like a conversation), give it some context and help viewers/listeners understand what happened and why.

    Today broadcasters in the booth have become as much the story as the game. They are now celebrities, personalities whose opinion matters most. Many of today’s booth crews seem to live to find fault. Others fall in love with a certain player and he is all they can talk about and praise. You would never know there are 10 other players on the field with him.

    Part of the problem, as I see it, is today’s cult of personality and the computer game and fantasy football mentality of fans. Players have to do things to call attention to themselves. The gamer has to have action. The fantasy addict has to have numbers. These phenomena have led to grandstanding and all the clutter on your TV screen. Players pound their chest and do other things to gain attention. Visually the lower third of the TV screen is often covered by graphics that sometimes even cover up the play. Special effects with stats and information rapidly fly in and out of the picture. (No wonder so many people have Attention Deficit).

    I say all this to point out CBS is more of a minimalist broadcast. All of the things I mentioned are there but to me its not as intrusive as on other networks. So this leaves Verne, Gary and Tracey Wolfson as the faces and voices of the broadcast.

    I agree Verne and Gary do seem to at times favor one team over another but I think it varies from game to game. Verne is a bit long-in-the-tooth now and gets confused easily, sometimes not even sure where he is. Gary comes off as a bit of a know-it-all. Tracey is, I believe, the best of the sideline reporters. She actually knows something about the sport.

    I vote to keep them. After all, complaining about them is a tradition in the SEC.

  • Up until the SEC Championship game I had no beef with the pair. It really was starting to piss me off on how high of a pedestal they out auburn on and bashed Mizzou like a red headed step child.

    • Mizzou is a red headed step child ! Cinderella season enjoy it next year they will be b I t c h e s of the sec again .

      • And I always thought that SEC fans were the most football smart fans in America, OrangeandBlueKoolaid is your exception folks. Have you even looked into the Missouri program or do you just go by what Joe Bob told you down at the Auto repair shop? Missouri had many more good years than bad in the last 15 years, you’re just too blinded by your laced kool aid to see it. Their team is loaded for next year and if you took time to research that you would have known it. If anything, last season was the aberration. Every time Missouri got a big win this season it was because the other team had a injury, sickness, hang nail, or some excuse, but last season without their top running back, 5 of their 10 offensive linemen, and their starting quarterback for most the season, we never heard the excuse. Even in their bad season last year, with out the injuries, they beat Florida by two touchdowns and this year they beat them by two touchdowns with their backup QB and missing their top corner. About the broadcast, yeah it was bad enough for me to turn them off and turn on the radio, but I’m not complaining, respect needs to be earned and we can’t really force someone with a bias to change. It will change in the next few years after Missouri wins 4 straight East titles.

        • With South Carolina and Georgia around you expect 4 straight east titles? Now who’s drinking the “kool aid”. Also, leave it to a Missouri fan to use Joe Bob. I mean I have friends way way up North who can think of better stereotypical redneck names than that…

          Also, aside from South Carolina and Georgia (possibly even Vandy lately), count your blessings that Florida is gonna be busy rebuilding.

        • Maroon and White; where has your team been lately..the cellar.

  • IMO, they are the worst commentators in college football. They constantly mispronounce names or call the wrong name (especially with duplicate numbers which every major college has). As a Bama fan it took them several years to figure out that Bama rotates RB’s and makes constant rotations in their defense. I would be ok with that if they didn’t commentate for every other Bama game for several years. I also believe they are both biased. Even when I speak with friends who cheer for other college teams most of them agree with me. I know some Auburn and Bama fans who watch their games with the sound off and listen to the radio so they don’t have to listen to Verne and Gary.

    • It’s funny you say this, because I am pretty sure Dnaielson claims to have graduated from Alabama and not Purdue, thats how much he loves his glorious crimson bamers.

  • These guys are so bad! We are Bama fans and we actually mute the sound and listen to Eli Gold on the radio!!! Verne and Gary are very negative and biased. Their bias changes each week so you never know who they are going to be putting down. Sometimes they seem to switch in the middle of the game! Gary can’t remember who the players are or who’s playing! He even called the Auburn team Alabama! Before y’all start screaming…..Eli is biased! He’s an Alabama fan through and through!!! He knows the players and the teams. He also gives credit where credit is due. He is consistent week in and week out. There has got to be someone else out there who could do a better job than Verne and Gary. Find us another Keith Jackson!!! We take our football seriously. For those who think Gary is comical, there are much better comedians out there and they aren’t confusing their acts with football!

    • Gary Is in love with Alabama, I guess Bamers can’t even realize when someone is bias towards your school

    • You’re right they are biased….. Against a team that is being dominated or playing like garbage. They only turn off Verne and Danielson because they want to hear the extreme bias of Eli Gold. Same with anyone else who wants to hear their local broadcaster. Lord forbid Verne and Gary say anything bad about your team. If your team does something dumb — like have a field goal ran back with 1 second left — you deserve to be called out for it.. Right?

  • Mizzou fan here. I admit that I needed to turn down the volume during the game to keep the Mizzou bashing to a minimum in my household. I had kids watching the game! Seriously though, the announcing was not at a high level — not nearly the level one would expect on a big stage.

    I agree with Wolfman about the holding. An Auburn fan at work told me on Friday to watch for the hidden holds that the team has perfected (from Alabama, according to him). He even showed me the technique. I really was amazed at how obvious the holds were on TV, yet not called on the field.

    Good luck to Auburn in the Championship Game. I live in Alabama, so a fourth-straight for the state is a good consolation for me.

    • What a freakin’ joke. Holding? Auburn is historically the dirtiest program in history both on and off the field….

      • Auburn’s football program has not had a major infraction since 1991. But programs such as Bama and Georgia have had three and two major infractions in the past 15 years. So who is the dirty team here?

  • What’s hilarious is that a Bama fan filed this. These two blobs of commentators are so in the tank for Bama that it’s unbearable to watch.

    Now, where do i sign

  • Ole Miss could play a team full of terrorists and I think Gary and Verne would find a way to pull against us (I believe b/c of our past). If you’re bored, go check out our game last year against LSU @ (it’s free). It’s probably the most biased game I’ve ever watched. Verne can’t even get players’ names right and he calls LSU SMU during the beginning of the game multiple times. It’s not just Ole Miss games either. They hated on MSU so much against Texas A&M, I found myself going for state for the first and only time in my life. Don’t get me wrong either, I love watching the Masters with Verne on hole 16, but CBS could seriously find someone better than Gary and Verne for primetime 2:30 games.

  • Are you kidding me, Jon?
    1. Lundquist is the play-by-play guy and Danielson is the color guy. Come on, dude, do a little research if you’re going to be completely clueless on SEC football, the subject which you write about on a regular basis.
    2. If you really think Danielson “has done a really solid job”, (linked with the fact that you thought Lundquist was the color guy) there are only a few conclusions to draw:
    A) You’ve never actually watched a CBS SEC Game of the Week.
    B) Again, you thought the play-by-play was Danielson. If this is the case, the statement about him doing a solid job is a little more understandable, as Lundquist isn’t all that bad.
    C) You are deaf.
    D) You are completely clueless about all things football.
    E) You are related to Danielson and wish for him to keep his job.
    Because Gary Danielson is the worst announcer in college football. I used to think having played football makes someone better at announcing it, but Danielson has proved me wrong. There is not a single woman who has ever announced a football game who wasn’t at least 10-times better than that ass clown.
    I was so fed up with his stupid comments that I started making a list of outright mistakes he made in the SEC Championship game. I quickly got tired of doing it, but at that point had noted 6 outright mistakes. IT WAS STILL IN THE FIRST QUARTER!!!
    I don’t remember them all, but I do remember that the first was after a sack, when he said the defensive lineman “Blew past the defender.” I don’t need to explain why this is wrong.

    I love that someone made this a petition, because I get outright angry watching CBS games, because Danielson is so bad. And my opinion has nothing to do with any team loyalty or thinking he is anti-this or anti-that. I don’t think my team even played on CBS this year.

  • These two guys need to be replaced. I can see a few people here have given them all the support in the world but they are awful. Danielson “over” analyzes everything to the point of boredom and Lundquist although was a great commentator in the day needs to retire at least from football. He forgets sometimes who is actually playing the game he is broadcasting. Danielson actually did the same thing the other night actually calling Auburn – Alabama of all things. Being an LSU fan we seem to get a lot of the CBS mid-afternoon games so I have heard these guys until I am sick of them. I would rather listen to Musberger and Herbstreit than these two clowns. And as far as the ratings, it has NOTHING to do with the broadcasters, its SEC Football so everybody is going to watch.

  • As a long time Gator fan gary has been so hurtfull to the gators on the air YES he is very impartial during broadcasts

  • They could hire a washing machine and a blind woman who speaks only Russian and it would be an improvement. I verbally correct Danielson on outright mistakes multiples times a game. Usually around correct No. 12, I’m yelling and cussing and calling him names because I’m so fed up with how bad he is. Then I think about how much he gets paid to be so worthless, and I almost explode. That was literally a weekly occurrence this year.

  • Are you really whining because the mean man on the TV doesn’t say enough good things about your football team. Wow you’re fragile.

  • BTW, it’s not like I just unsatisfied with announcers in general, as Jon here alluded to. There is literally no other announcer in college football, on any channel, from which I notice regular mistakes and/or who regularly annoys or angers me. And it happens every single game with Danielson.

    And I put no stock whatsoever into any argument that they are biased in any way. I don’t think they are. I just know that Danielson regularly makes mistakes on the air and what he says that isn’t outright wrong is so completely obvious to any and everyone who has ever watched football that there was no reason to say it.

  • The two of them have almost wore out my mute button. If it were not for the mute, I’d be pulling my hair out!

  • The ratings do not have anything to do with Lundquist or Danielson! It is totally about SEC football, that’s why the ratings have been where they have been for all these years. I grew tired of those two and their ridiculous call of SEC football many years ago. I have several friends who mute their TV and turn on radio coverage of the game. They would rather have the difference in the timing of the game than listen to these two guys! It is ridiculous what they do to SEC football. They are so biased to one team or the other, that they should be fired! During a recent broadcast, I heard Gary D. say, “okay, now that we have the ball back, we have a chance to make this happen!” Is that what CBS wants their sportscasters to do in calling the games! GET RID OF THOSE TWO!

  • Gary is very knowledgeable and is spot on about 98% of the time which is great for any sportscaster. Often I ask myself, is Verne watching the same game I’m watching? He’s a first class turd. During the ’09 SECCG he made numerous references to Mark Ingram’s father being “incarcerated” and “in prison” and all manner of unnecessary shit to humiliate Mark, a truly great guy. He does that kind of sensationalist crap all the time and I want to punch his fat ass into the next life… Totally classless….

  • I would agree with Mr. Bearden. I found the two very biased toward Auburn; and yes I am a Mizzou Tiger. It seemed at times I was watching a different game than Verne and Gary. They continue to marvel at the job Auburn’s Coach had done and he had done a very good job; but so had Gary Pinkel. Being 0-8 and 2-6 last year is not a lot of difference. Both playing in the SEC Championship is equal–both did an outstanding job of turning the Programs around. They are not entertaining, rather flat and boring.

    • Kind of hard not to be biased when the “#2” defense in the SEC is getting obliterated by the run game everyone said they were going to stop……

  • These guys loooooove Johnny Manziel….and that’s about it. They hate the SEC (traditional SEC, of which Texas A&M are not a part of). I think that is where the bias comes in. I used to think they pulled for home teams only, but as an avid Auburn fan I found that not to be the case. Auburn played at home and on CBS most of the season, and they hardly got a compliment from ol’ Verne and Gary. It’s fitting that Auburn has had such great success. My wife made me put the games on mute, especially when playing A&M. Just listen to their commentary on YouTube of the last second of the Iron Bowl. According to Gary, Auburn is the luckiest team in the nation–not the best or most blessed. My favorite Verne quote: “He even takes a knee with flair.” That was from one of Texas A&M’ s losses and spoken of their precious Johnny Football.

    • Someone else made a good point I neglected to bring up. They hardly ever speak ill of Alabama, so it is peculiar that an Alabama fan is starting this petition. Leave it to Alabama fans to go on crusades after losing the Iron Bowl. Just as long as they stay away from the trees. War Damn Eagle!

  • I tend to think of Verne and Gary as the two stooges. It seems like in every game they tend to make a mockery of themselves, and it especially shows up on twitter. As an Alabama student who went to all of the Tide’s regular season games except for Kentucky and Auburn, I can’t say that I’ve heard too much of the “dynamic dummies” this year. I revisited the Texas A&M game and found that our boy Gary has an infatuation with Johnny Manziel. I also revisited the LSU game., concluding that Verne and Gary just really have something against the guys from Baton Rouge.

    Then there was the Iron Bowl. Probably their best-called game I’ve seen in a while, since Alabama’s lack of execution and the Auburn football version of “Angels in the Outfield” + Tre Mason were easy to regurgitate to anyone with human-like characteristics (sorry, Chris Bosh).

    Finally, Mizzou. I can’t believe Missouri is keeping up with Auburn. Doink. Auburn is the greatest team ever. No, wait. Missouri is. Auburn’s flustered. No, Missouri is. Auburn wins by 17, or in our world, the 42 points Missouri put up now mean nothing. That’s what I pulled out of that one.

    I ask the Lord for blessings of peace upon Virginia Tech and UCLA fans. They’ll be needing it by New Year’s eve.

  • I have watched every broadcast that these two have ever done together involving the Gamecocks and while it has upset me on numerous occasions with certain things they have said, what pisses me off the worst is more times than not they are correct!

  • Both of them are idiots! I always mute them and listen to the game on the radio. They are just as annoying as the woman who covers ACC football! I cant stand it when I see UGA is playing on CBS!

  • They are the worst I have ever heard and I have been watching football for 40 years (since age 9). They are absolutely bias in their broadcast. During the SECCG they sounded like they wanted to have a parade everytime Auburn scored and wanted to have a funeral when Mizzou scored. It was pitiful and CBS should really look into replacing these two.

    • ….And yes, I too had to mute the TV and listen to radio in the second half. Is this what CBS wants? Their audience listening to radio commercials instead of the commercials that paid them dearly for these games? If the above comments are any kind of sample, CBS is looking at a 50% “muted” audience.

  • Gary Danielson is by far the very worst commentator on television. He’s so damn obnoxious, he spends countless minutes talking about himself and if he made a right or wrong statement. Poor Vern, just kind goes along with Danielson’s big mouth. I’ve been saying and people have been agreeing with me for years just how bad Gary Danielson is at broadcasting. Please…get rid of him!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just close your eyes and listen to them for about five minutes and tell me they’re not biased. It was blatantly obvious in the championship game and pretty much every Bama game they called. I’m not a Tide fan btw. Every game UF played when Tebow was there was unbearable.

  • Where do I sign? Can’t stand these talking heads. Plays favorites, for guys who get paid to talk they make a lot of errors in names and their “facts”.

  • I want to shake this mans hand!!! I HATE when games are on CBS. Not to mention Verne mispronounces everyone’s name.

  • The problem is not necessarily with Gary and Verne. The problem is the amount of commercials CBS takes during games. I was at the Iron Bowl and the SOB in the red hat deserves to be sniped! The game lasted 4 1/2 hours, but if you watch the entire broadcast without, it was 3 hrs and 4 mins. How is ESPN/ABC, Fox able to get through games with less breaks? ?

  • I usually cut the sound off about half way through just because I’m so frustrated with the two of them. I’ll sign the petition in a heartbeat.

  • I miss Keith Jackson. Best there ever was.

  • They are awful. In the week leading up to the game Danielson clearly knew nothing about Mizzou’s team. During the game, I had to turn off the volume and listed to the radio. Of course, this was our only game they called this year because we weren’t on CBS’s game of the week until the CCG.

  • I agree with him. Danielson is ok but Vern is terrible. He destroys players names constantly. He acts like he doesn’t now where the first down marker is most of the game. He’ll say “He’s close to a first down” when it is obvious the player is 3 yards past the down marker. They both hate Bama and were giddy when Davis ran that kick back 100 yards to win the game. I understand most of America was against Alabama and wanted to see us lose but the announcers need to remain unbiased. It was like listening to the Auburn football network while watching the broadcast. If I lived in Alabama I would just turn the radio on and listen to Eli Gold but I don’t have that option in Atlanta.

    I never liked them as a crew. I miss Keith Jackson’s voice for sure with Bob Griese. I even miss the old ESPN crew of Ron Franklin and Mike Patrick.

  • If you believe there’s a team of announcers that’s completely unbiased I’d love to hear who they are. That said I don’t mind Verne & Gary. There have been plenty of games where they seemed outright terrible, but I’m not sure what would become of the GotW without some of Verne’s colorful play-by-play (still laughing about the Florida-Georgia “hanky party”).

  • Some fans just cannot be pleased. If you don’t like the persons calling the game on TV. Mute it, watch on tv and listen on radio.

  • When UGA plays on CBS i hate it! These two are the awful!!! I turn the volume down so I don’t have to hear them!!!! They need to go!!!

  • I’m an Alabama fan, such as the creator of the petition, and I can honestly say that I love broadcasts with Verne. He’s the best broadcaster in the nation.(in my opinion)

  • yall do know that even if these guys leave, your most likely gonna hate next guys that come. its not even a big deal. if you hate them so much just mute the tv and turn the game on the radio. i happen to love listening to gary and verne, it cracks me up it really does. no need to act all whiny and demand the firing of these games.

  • Most national commentators are lame idiots who read or study off cheat sheets 3 days before the game that other people prepare for them. They offer nothing but yesterday’s news to a real fan of a team involved in the game. Cable & Satellite have enough channels, they need to offer the game with each teams home radio broadcast sync-ed with the tv picture (2 different channels). Both Pro and College, it would be a much better fan experience for everyone.

  • Verne is a little doddering and I certainly noticed that Gary was pretty heavily favoring Auburn on Saturday. But I think it was more familiarity than outright bias. He’s been doing these games for years now and done tons of Auburn games. This was, what, his second Missouri game? That’s just how it goes when you’re the new kid, no matter how good you are. Give them a couple of trips to Faurot and some slices of Shakespeare’s and we’ll be good to go.

  • I love to hear them call games,they do a great job of breaking down every play. I wish Alabama fans would find something better to do, you LOST!!!!!! get over it.

  • I really don’t like them as a team. Lundquist never seems quite sure where he is and what is going on. Danielson’s strategy seems to be to pick which team is going to win (beforehand) and then hype how great that team is throughout the game (regardless of how the game is going).

    Both have a tendency to pick a couple of storylines or details they think are great and then rigorously stick to those lines throughout the game (regardless if they are actually playing out). It is funny that an Alabama fan is behind the petition because my Dad swears that the two love Bama and worship at the idol of Saban.

    There is also the problem of listening in as Danielson realizes that Verne has just said something stupid and considering whether to point out how wrong he is (or more often change the subject). This makes for an awkward chemistry in the booth.

    I said on Saturday (watching the 2nd half after work with my Dad… both of us UT grads BTW) that I would rather the game be on ESPN with any of their broadcast teams (and yes as a 1997 grad I am still bitter about certain comments made by certain ESPN commentators). He agreed. So just saying when 2 UT alumni say that would rather listen to Herbstreit call the game; you know they ain’t happy.

  • I really like Verne and Gary. I think they are head and shoulders above anyone from ESPN. Same for Tim Brando.

  • Mizzou guy here. I was at the game so I didn’t hear anything about the bias until later. From afar, as in before we joined the SEC , I really was indifferent to them. The bias that I have heard stinks of a lack of preparation more than anything. So maybe that is all, but either way we enjoyed our time in Atlanta and enjoyed meeting AU fans who were pretty cool overall. Mizzou comes back loaded next year so hopefully a return trip to ATL is in the immediate future.

  • They can’t take them off the air, it will ruin the innumerable drinking games I’ve created based on their antics (i.e.: drink when they mention a roommate situation.)

    • …and you have to take a drink when Verne chortles, but I’d be happy with replacements. We could seriously use a little more unbiased youthful commentary for sure! Stop talking about these guys imperfect past on national TV. They’re football players and typically from rough neighborhoods. Not everyone grew up at the countryclub like Danielson and Lundquist.

  • The guy that started the petition is an idiot. He is just mad because Alabama is playing in the sugar bowl and not the national championship.

  • Jon I think the biggest problem most people have with Danielson is that he will call your team out good or bad. Most people are calling this biased when in fact he is just telling the truth. Danielson called out Mizzou for switching to a 3-4 and getting trashed, and they took this as being biased. At the same time how can say nice things about the “#2” defense in the SEC getting decimated for 500+ rushing yards? They tried to compliment Mizzou’s offense, they really did, but the defense was so atrocious it far out weighed the offense. Just sounds to me that people need to be able to take a bit more criticism and not get their feelings hurt when someone says something bad about their team. Grow some thicker skin and quit crying.

    • I agree. I think Danielson, although he can be very critical, knows his stuff and adds to the game. He is not the usual bland sportscaster.

    • I guess you missed all the times Danielson was apologizing for Auburn. “Oops, wide open in the endzone”, “He shoved Josey, because he pushed him in the facemask”, “Josey hit the tire”,

      • He wasn’t apologizing for AU. I’m not really sure you know what the word apologize means. Josey had a pretty firm grasp of his facemask which should have been an offensive facemask, but you almost never see that called, and if that truck hadn’t been there it would have been a non-issue. I’m not really sure why you would think that’s Danielson being apologetic he was just saying what happened….. I guess some people just see what they want to see and hear what they want to hear.

        • Yeah right. Explain, “Oops, wide open in the endzone”. I want to see every apology you make for Danielson. And yes, he did say “Oops”.

    • I agree Bryan. I didn’t hear the broadcast because I was at the game but none of the Mizzou Faithful could fathom staying with the 3-4. When we sold out we had some success, I would have rather went down making them throw than what occurred. Besides the best way to make a biased announcer look like crap is to win the friggin game.

  • I rarely if ever listen to most announcers whenever South Carolina plays. I prefer to listen to our radio crew. In regards to these 2, Danielson knows his stuff and I can tolerate him; Lundquist really needs to think about retiring. He’s almost always biased and his bantering gets annoying quickly.

  • OMG! Verne and Gary are the worst! When I lived in Florida I would mute the TV and listen to the radio, but now living out of state am forced to tolerate their inappropriate chatter! Gary is egotistical, always remarking “when I was coaching”. Verne is a golf guy and doesn’t have a clue most of the time. There are much more professional broadcasters out there then these two.

  • If you don’t like ’em then watch another game.

  • I’ll just respond with evidence. Alabama vs aTm. Bama wins 59 – 0. That’s a shutout folks. Gary (during the ENTIRE GAME) kept reiterating that the aTm interception (which never took place) near the end-zone would have completely changed the game. It would have been a totally different ballgame if that ONE SINGLE PLAY had taken place. Now, think about what he said and read the score again (59 – 0). How about this, let’s get commentators who will comment on what has actually taken place, and even what should take place. Let’s not spend an entire game on a hypothetical woulda-coulda-shoulda mantra. If it were an isolated incident, it wouldn’t be a big deal. However, this seems to be the norm with these knuckle heads.

  • I have to agree. These two are the worst I’ve ever had to listen to. When they announced the MSU/Kentucky game I finally had to mute my TV due to the fact of them being so biased and referring to Kentucky as their team. I would think CBS would want to have announcers who simply do their jobs and keep the fans up on what is happening in the game. As a MS State fan I was completely disappointed in the way we were talked about and belittled. I will say this CBS, Dak Prescott has more morals and better communication skills than these two ever hope to have. Maybe one you’ll be able to find someone as good as him. JS

  • Y’all just know that when Verne is gone next year, it will have nothing to do with any of your opinions. He is retiring after this season. He’s gonna sit at home and enjoy the rest of his time on Earth with his favorite pastime, classical music.

  • simply put, they ruin the game for me.

  • Come on, give the poor guys a break. I guarantee none of the people talking all that b.s. couldn’t do their job. I personally enjoy the two of them. So just enough the game and quit all this crying.

  • Gary Danielson and Verne Lundquist absolutely drive me up the wall with their pitiful antics. If they ever seize on a point, a controversy, or in some cases a controversy they contrive, they will grind it into powder through the remainder of the game. I often mute them and listen to the radio broadcast. Those guys should have been fired or reassigned a long time ago!

  • Here it is 2 years later and people still strongly dislike this duo. This link was posted on Facebook again as people ask how to get rid of them as commentators. They remain biased and reek of negativity- Please CBS pull them.

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