Former Miss State WR Chad Bumphis advises recruits: “Don’t go with the money”


Everyone accuses everyone except their own team of cheating when National Signing Day comes around. Sometimes it probably happens and certainly has happened in the past, but most of the time it does not. It’s always more heated when an in-state rivalry is involved, too.

However, it’s usually not talked about among players, ever.

But former Mississippi State receiver Chad Bumphis has Twitter buzzing because of his financial counseling to recruits on National Signing Day Eve. Bumphis advised recruits not to just follow the money.

Yeah – Bumphis did just say that. But it could mean two different things to two different fan bases.

For Mississippi State, he could be incriminating himself or MSU, and by all accounts he enjoyed his time in Starkville. He had a stellar senior season with 58 catches for 922 yards and 12 touchdowns. But I don’t view it as incriminating MSU, his career or his legacy.

I view it as a shot towards in-state rival Ole Miss, because they could easily ink arguably the top recruiting class tomorrow, including the top player in the country in Robert Nkemdiche. And all we’ve heard all week after Laremy Tunsil was said to be favoring the Rebels is that Ole Miss can’t possibly be reeling in a top class legally. Now, current Mississippi State commit and star defensive end Chris Jones could flip to the Rebels tomorrow, too.

Hugh Freeze took to Twitter to combat the garbage being spewed in reference to the Rebels cheating. The tweet has since been deleted.

If you have facts about a violation, email [email protected] If not, please don’t slander the young men

Apparently, Bumphis’ trolling efforts were a success, because he lit a fire amongst the Ole Miss fan base.

Only one more day left before all the drama hopefully ends.

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  • Uh…No doubt he’s taking a shot at Ole Miss and their stellar recruiting class. I love rivalries…

  • I wish Anthony Dixon would have tweeted this it would have been a lot more entertaining

  • I personally don’t think it was directed towards a particular school, such as OM, but who knows. And it’s the truth. Just about all college kids are receiving some sort of kick back, and if you think your program or mine is perfect, than you and I would be lying to ourselves. It happens guys. Add a little to that scholarship or book money check, etc. Not to mention rogue boosters. Ugly, but it happens. No way to police it 100%. Like Bump said, you better make sure you are thinking with your heart and not your wallet, because you are stuck at the school you chose for 3-5 years.

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