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Watch Clowney flip a football sled at practice

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Jadeveon Clowney’s doing Jadeveon Clowney things again.

South Carolina’s beast ran a 4.46 40 earlier this summer, and now he’s flipping over football sleds with the help of fellow defensive lineman Gerald Dixon. This probably isn’t the first time a two-man sled has been flipped, but it’s nice to see Carolina’s superstar in action with some actual practice footage.

How good is Jadeveon Clowney? He made this All-SEC team from the BCS era. He’s the top-ranked SEC player for 2013, and they’re still looking for Vincent Smith’s helmet after The Hit.

Notre Dame’s SID responded with an SEC fatigue comment.

Attention Tajh Boyd: there’s still time to just admit you’re scared. I am.

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Photo Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

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Comments 13

  1. What. A. Boss. Clowney terrifies me.

    • Shouldn’t be with Tiny Richardson and with the best OL in the country. I only heard his name once in last years game and don’t expect to hear his name in this year’s game either.

  2. Say your prayers for opposing quarterbacks, Jadeveon is coming…

  3. Can you imagine if he would have committed to his second choice, Alabama!

  4. He would be playing for championships, instead he’s playing for second place.

  5. I’m thinking basically every lineman/LB/RB duo in the nation and then some can do that quite easily. Pretty sure the object is to actually stay low get maximum push. But yeah not like we need any more proof of his ability.

  6. first off this is a 2 man sled and there are 2 people pusing it.

  7. Number 44 flips the sled not Clowney!