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South Carolina putting an end to ‘Clowney’s Turkey Avocado Wrap’

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Prior to this week at Daniel Island Grill near Charleston, South Carolina, you could get a Clowney’s Turkey Avocado Wrap. You could also order a Tajh Boyd Chicken Quesadilla and a Sammy Watkins Reuben. That was before this week, because the restaurant is already in the crosshairs of South Carolina and Clemson’s compliance office.

The restaurant is in direct violation of NCAA bylaw, which bans the usage of players’ names and images without their knowledge or permission, and both schools are handling the matter.

“If a student-athlete’s name or picture appears on commercial items (e.g., T-shirts, sweatshirts, serving trays, playing cards, posters, photographs) or is used to promote a commercial product sold by an individual or agency without the student-athlete’s knowledge or permission, the student-athlete (or the institution acting on behalf of the student-athlete) is required to take steps to stop such an activity in order to retain his or her eligibility for intercollegiate athletics.”

Carolina SID Steve Fink said the school will take the appropriate actions necessary regarding the Clowney wrap. “We were unaware that Jadeveon’s name was being used in this manner. We will follow up and take the appropriate actions necessary.”

A person from Clemson’s compliance staff has been informed Boyd and Watkins’ names will be removed from the menu.

Add Daniel Island Grill to the list of countless businesses profiting off the likeness of players.

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  1. To top it off, Daniel Island Grill sucks. Food isn’t even good.

  2. I ordered the Clowney’s Turkey Avocado Wrap once. When it was brought to my table, however, it saw the fear in my eyes and I couldn’t even muster the courage to take a bite.