Clowney expresses frustration after loss to Georgia


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Jadeveon Clowney is frustrated after losing to the Bulldogs yesterday, and he voiced frustration over the way the Gamecocks’ coaching staff has been using him. Clowney said the coaches have to find more creative ways for him to affect offenses, via ESPN.

“Very frustrating,” the star defensive end told reporters. “I told the coaches you got to put me somewhere else — in the middle if you want to — somewhere I can make some plays [to] help my team get in position to win. But [Georgia] took me right out of the game.

“It’s hard out there trying to chase from the backside, and they just took me right out of the game,” Clowney said. “They want to move me around — that’s up to them.

“I’m going to keep playing my assignments. I set the edge most of the night, [but] the ball went away from me on the backside chasing. That’s just how the game went.”

This is the first time we’ve really heard from Clowney and the first time he’s voiced any type of frustration during his career.

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Coaching staffs are finally figuring out how to successfully minimize Clowney’s impact. We saw North Carolina successfully do it, and Georgia followed that up yesterday, as Clowney had one sack and three tackles.

Should we pump the breaks on the Clowney hype? Probably, but everyone needs to pump the breaks over their ridiculous expectations for him, too.

We expect a defensive end to come out and dominate the game like a quarterback and put up five sacks per game, like no other player has ever impacted the position. That’s just not logical or rational.

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After the Bulldogs racked up 538 yards yesterday, Steve Spurrier says he plans on giving defensive coordinator Lorenzo Ward ‘some suggestions’.

“I look out there and I see all those either redshirt freshmen or second-year guys and I’m starting to wonder if we were expecting a little bit much out of all those guys,” Spurrier said. “But it is a freshmen-laden defense out there, and they’re going to take their lumps, I guess.

“But we’ve got to be creative. We’re going to change our defense a little bit. We’re not going to just stand there like we did today. I’ll give Coach Ward some suggestions.”

South Carolina returns to action next week against Vanderbilt, who is averaging over 36 points per game and 434 yards of offense.

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