Five from SEC included in college football’s best student sections


Student sections and home field advantage go hand-in-hand in college football, and crowd noise always starts with the student section. Five from the Southeastern Conference were included on ESPN’s top 20 college football student sections.

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ESPN called the photo slideshow the ‘best view in the house’, and you can view all of them here. The story, however, is about who wasn’t on the list.

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Here are ESPN’s rankings:

1. Alabama
2. Florida State
3. Penn State
4. Nebraska
5. Illinois
6. Oklahoma
7. Pittsburgh
8. North Carolina
9. Georgia
10. Tennessee
11. Wisconsin
12. Maryland
13. Florida
14. Miami
15. Cincinnati
16. SMU
17. TCU
18. Michigan
19. Auburn
20. Harvard

Photo Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports



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  • This is the worst list ESPN has ever come up with. Did they just sit around and throw a bunch of pictures together? Why about LSU? What about Texas A&M? Die hard fan bases. And yet they go with SMU and HARVARD?

    • To be fair, ESPN isn’t sure if Johnny Football will play.

      • This has nothing to do with johnny. It would carry no weight. Duh. I do disagree with leaving A&M out though. That 12th man is awesome. All the years A&M was down the stands still shook. People saying Haravrd should not be on this list are silly. 1st they have never been to a Harvard game so they don’t know about the cheering section so they can’t complain. LSWho, their people are generic. Once upon a time they did have the best but Geaux Tigers is old. Get some new life over there.

        • its obvious the author has never been to or seen an A&M game – either that or the grading criteria is so skewed as to show the worthlessness of his rankings – no A&M is bad! no LSU is close to being worse even

    • To be fair…we haven’t experienced those fan bases. Really you are just throwing judgement at them based on…what? Have you been to one of their games?

  • Agree with madgator. You have NC, Harvard, and Maryland but no LSU. This list has no credibility.

  • PITT?!? You could throw a grenade in Heinz Field and not hit anybody!

  • And they didn’t even use a picture from Bryant-Denny for Alabama.

  • No LSU – he must have attended a day game in Death Valley – on a Sunday morning. And Florida at # 13? Better check out the Swamp in person & re-do the list. Maryland fans probably raised the roof just from laughing at those so called uniforms. All 427 Harvard fans must make a lot of noise to make this list….

  • Miami????????

    You see the stadium last year? Or did you think all that orange was people not bleachers?

  • this list is comedy. Harvard? is that a joke? are u kidding me? SMU? another head scratcher

  • this list is a joke. gotta be trolling for hits

  • No South Carolina. What a joke. Gamecocks are packed out every week and the stadium is always rocking. 30 wins and just 5 loses over the last 5 years at Williams-Brice Stadium. How are they not on this list. Watch the crowd go crazy in the wins over Clemson, Ole Miss, Georgia and Alabama the last few years. Tell me thats not top 20, but Harvard is? No sir. Never! Vandy rocks better then the Crimson.

  • This has to be a joke. I thought the only competitive team Harvard had was the chess team. And LSU should definitely be on this list. You can hear their fans from two states over on a Saturday night. I also agree that A&M and even South Carolina should’ve made this list. Williams-Brice gets pretty rowdy

  • I’m a UT fan, so I was glad to see Tennessee in the Top 10. That being said, omitting LSU from the list (and really from the Top 10) pretty much invalidates it to me.

  • I agree it’s a joke . Ever been to death valley??? State has a great one too , ever tried to call plays with a million cowbells ringing ? Ole Miss is pretty ruff too.

  • When I saw the teams I assumed they were talking basketball too… Illinois? Pitt? Maryland? $%&*in Maryland????? I’ve been to several games at Byrd Stadium. It’s never near its 55,000 capacity and the fans are about as excited as you’d expect them to be watching a JV high school game. Somehow that’s suppsed to be “better” than A&M or LSU??? MD did have impressive tailgating though….

  • Coming from a Bama fan who has a good reason to strongly dislike A & M after last year, it is an absolute travesty that they aren’t on this list and near the top of it at that. They never sit they are literally called the 12th man and they actually have “cheer” practice at midnight. I wouldn’t have been mad had they topped the list.

  • Wow. Miami is on the list? No LSU? You could go on and on picking this crap apart.

  • Having been to a game at Scott Field, I am honestly surprised Mississippi State isn’t on this list. Even though they’re not as competitive lately, that’s always an intimidating place to play. Fans can’t hear each other above the cowbells, let alone the players on the field. That being said, I am happy UGA is in the top ten at least.

  • SMU?? *$^#@!^ SMU?! The Ponies can’t even fill up their student section. Texas A&M should be close to the top of the list, let alone on it. Anybody who stands throughout the entire damn game and yell’s there asses off should be included. Herbstreit has even said on Gameday, that A&M is one of the best student sections in the whole country! LSU should be on here too. ESPN can go to hell. Gig’em!

  • I am (as my nick indicates) not an LSU fan. But to omit the only stadium crowd to have shown up on the Richter scale?

  • Miami, are you kidding me!?! No A&M, no LSU… where do they get these reports?

  • Georgia #9? They cant even fill their student section come kickoff…. what pictures were yall looking at?

  • HAHAHAHA! How is Alabama #1… For crying when they lose? Answer me this… Has any other fan base ever created an EARTHQUAKE???? LSU’s fanbase has… yet they aren’t found on the list. This list is absolutely HILARIOUS! “Lets put Alabama #1, because we can’t get off Nick Sabans cock for 5 seconds”

  • Well A. People it’s student sections not the whole fan base. B. in these small towns there it’s nothing better to do than head to a football game. C. the tickets would be a whole lot cheaper at the small teams to. So I can see why some small schools are on the list. That being said even though there might be a higher percentage of students or bigger number of students that go to Harvard’s our smu’s games . That sec students are a lot more passionate. Which is why home field advantage is such an advantage

  • OK, April 1st has past, when is the real list coming out?

  • SMU is on this list. This list is invalid.

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