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Arms Race: Photos of top indoor practice facilities in college football

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As money pours into the top conferences and the top programs in college football, we see the effect in the arms race of facilities. Oregon and Alabama recently made headlines unveiling impressive new facilities, so we decided to take a look at some of the best facilities around the country by category. Today, we’ll look at the indoor practice facilities.

Top Indoor Practice Facilities In College Football

College football teams take practice rather seriously. So serious that the idea of practicing in open fields and in open weather conditions is now considered ridiculous. The top college football programs in the country are building massive indoor practice facilities. This isn’t your grand-daddy’s era of college football. Check out the photos below of the top indoor practice facilities around the country:

Tennessee Volunteers


LSU Tigers

PCJSMPNSYLFNFBB.20070314224055 indoor1

Nebraska Cornhuskers


Auburn Tigers


Ole Miss Rebels


Michigan Wolverines


Alabama Crimson Tide


Oklahoma State Cowboys


Florida State Seminoles

FSU practice field

Missouri Tigers


Arkansas Razorbacks


Georgia Bulldogs


Louisiana-Lafayette Ragin’ Cajuns



The Complete Arms Race Series:

As we continue our look around college football, check out the other components of the series including locker rooms, meeting rooms, player lounges, practice facilities and more.

The Top Indoor Practice Facilities in College Football

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Additional Photo Galleries:

Oregon and Alabama recently unveiled unprecedented football facilities. Have a look at the full photo galleries below:

Oregon Ducks Football Facilities

Oregon took football facilities to another level in 2013 when they unveiled state of the art meeting rooms, player lounges and much more.
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Alabama Crimson Tide Football Facilities

The Crimson Tide have doubled down on their Championship ways with the best facilities in the SEC. Check out what life is like for the Crimson Tide athletes.
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Comments 40

  1. Florida needs an indoor practice facility. For as much bad weather as the state gets, there’s nowhere to practice inside, except the bball arena. C’mon Jeremy Foley!

    • I kind of prefer Florida not having an indoor facility. I mean if it rains during a game they dont move indoors. When it gets 95 + degrees and 905 humidity during a game they dont move indoors. I think Florida should continue practicing outside and use it as another way to condition players for the elements and in turn beat the breaks off of all these teams practicing inside.

  2. Glad to see Ole Miss on this list. But it really doesn’t come as a surprise though. Ole Miss has some really great facilities, actually some of the best in the country. Ole Miss is in the process of renovating the football stadium and after the construction of the new basketball arena, Ole Miss is going to bowl in the football stadium. They already have some drawings and pictures what it will look like. They are going to pretty much do exactly what they did to the south endzone, but they are going to do some other things as well.

    • Why do they need a new basketball arena. When was the last time they sold it out?

      • The reasoning behind it is the tad pad has been neglected for far too long it’s not necessarily going to add an abundance of extra seating the renovation will add a much needed face lift to one of the most under developed basketball facilities in the SEC. This will bring a better environment for the fans create a much needed buzz around ole miss basketball and also take ole miss off the list of schools recruits won’t sign with because of its lack of support for where they plan to play for the next 1-4 yrs of basketball.

      • Ummmm, they sold out for every conference basketball game this past spring when we won the SEC Championship. Try again.

        Also, homerism aside, all of those IPF’s above are super nice, but, even as an Ole Miss fan, I’d say Michigan & Tennessee’s were the nicest.

      • We had seven straight sell-outs last season. So fairly recently…

  3. Kentucky’s Nutter Field House

  4. Don’t put the Hogs on the list even though they just open a multi, multi million dollar complex in Fayetteville. After all, they’re just Arkansas….(typical)

  5. While each of these facilities are impressive, what you don’t see here is what is outside the facility. In the case of Oklahoma State, you have immediately adjacent to the indoor building accessible by giant overhead doors is a seamless transition to another fullsize turf practice field and two natural grass fields. The other day the team was practicing outside on the turf and it began to rain. In less than two minutes, they had moved indoors and resumed practice. It is a huge complex taking up almost half of a city block. All of this is fenced with a brick and rod iron structure that is absolutely beautiful. The complex sits directly across the street from Boone Pickens Stadium.

  6. Here is a link to Mizzou’s indoor facility… It’s around the 10th picture down I think

  7. I’m guessing you haven’t seen the newest indoor practice facility for the Arkansas Razorbacks? It is top notch.

    • TRB
      Commented : 8 months ago

      Let’s not confuse Football Operations Centers with Indoor Practice Facilities, Arkansas was one of the first in the SEC for an indoor field, enhanced it with the addition of the weight room that overlooked both indoor and outdoor practice fields and just recently added the 40 million dollar FOC complete with all the bells and whistles. in what recruits that have seen both are as nice as Bama’s new digs sans the waterfalls in the hydrotherapy pools. In fact, our lockers are larger.

  8. So that’s why Mizzou’s drives always stall out. They can’t even practice on a full 100 yards.

  9. Damn…..nice… my nuts started to comment: “We need a 100 yard indoor field” but then I was like eh….who cares

  10. UF doesn’t have an indoor facility? That’s pretty sad…

  11. OSU’s looks like a big garage that someone threw some turf in.

  12. South Carolina already has one budgeted and planned. I think they just started construction.

  13. I suppose these are nice recruiting tools. Still, if you don’t practice in the heat and the mud and the rain then you wont be able to play in the mud and the heat and the rain. So I don’t think these fields factor much into the daily practice plan of SEC teams unless they want to get their brains beat out every Saturday. I imagine these are for Pro Days, Fan Appreciation days and the occasional lightning storm. Otherwise they probably do not get much use outside of Nebraska.

  14. This is nice indoor practice facility to play football. There is large space available for players so they can easily play without any problem and disturbance, i really like this play area.

  15. I’m thinking that you completely forgot the Leon Moncla Indoor Practice Facility that Louisiana has. Never fear, I have included the link :)

  16. Tennessee New Practice Facility Is Mindboggling, And That’s Coming From An Memphis Tigers Fan.

  17. That’s pretty cool to see Mizzou on there. I didn’t think we’d make this list until I came across it. I think it’s only 90 yards long, so I thought that would keep us off the list..