SEC Football News on Saturday Down South

The countdown to the College Football Playoff begins

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Today we learned that the new college football playoff will be named The College Football Playoff. Creative, no?

Well, it looks like the powers that be weren’t as unanimous on the new logo for the College Football Playoff. The new College Football Playoff website can be found at – you guessed it – The new website has four logos that are in the running to be the official College Football Playoff logo. The four logos are:


Which one do you like best? If you’re looking to make an impact on the future of this institution, head over to the website and cast your vote.

Oh yes, you can also follow the official Twitter account at @CFBPlayoff.

The new website has a countdown – 617 days and counting from today – until the first college football playoff commences. If you thought the BCS era was big, just wait. The 2014 college football season will be a bonanza. The debate, discussion and drama of the BCS was nothing compared to what is coming. Do you think it was tough for a team to swallow being left out of the top two? Just wait until teams start getting left out of the top four. It’s going to be chaos, and it’s going to be amazing.

College football is the best sport on the planet for a number of reasons. The tradition, the athleticism, the pageantry. But don’t kid yourselves… the drama associated with its postseason is a major factor on why this sport is so fascinating. I can’t wait.

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Comments 5

  1. I’m not nuts about any of them, but if I had to pick, I guess #4

  2. What’s wrong with the SEC logo? I mean lets face it there should be 3 teams from the sec playing in it right?

  3. I wouldn’t want them to burst the budget on a logo.

  4. We have a zillion dollar playoff coming in 2014, and they can’t even have a legit design firm come up with four sexy logos?

  5. I like #2 the best.