10 SEC fan bases included in college football’s top 25 most engaged fans


TicketCity.com ranked college football’s most engaged fans via an algorithm designed to identify the fan bases that ‘engage the most frequently with their team both online and offline’.

Here’s a snippet of how they did it:

Fan engagement is evaluated in terms of the following metrics. The data is based on the 2012 season, excluding bowl games. Each metric was given a corresponding weight, listed in bold, which was determined based on how indicative the metric is of fan activity. For example, home attendance and ticket price are both weighted higher because they are a better direct reflection of home team behavior. Similarly, online metrics are not weighted as high as offline metrics because they reflect only the university-sanctioned social channel and do not account for other fan communities

Average total attendance, all games (5)
Average home attendance (10)
Average ticket price, all games (5)
Average home game ticket price (10)
Percentage of stadium capacity filled at home games (10)
Facebook likes & Facebook “talking about” (6)
Twitter following (3)

You can see the rankings based on different metrics here.

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Here are the top 25 rankings and scores, with SEC teams in bold:

1. Michigan: 100
2. LSU: 95.43
3. Alabama: 95.18
4. Ohio State: 92.94
5. Texas A&M: 88.91
6. Nebraska: 87.88
7. Oklahoma: 82.77
8. Texas: 82.11
9. Georgia: 81.83
10. Florida: 79.86
11. Penn State: 75.68
12. South Carolina 72.13
13. Iowa: 72.08
14. USC: 71.97
15. Oregon: 70.53
16. Michigan State: 70.52
17. Tennessee: 68.57
18. Wisconsin: 68.29
19. Auburn: 66.40
20. Clemson: 65.85
21. West Virginia 65.53
22. FSU: 63.92
23. Missouri: 63.82
24. Arkansas: 60.88
25. Virginia Tech: 59.51

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  • You know how I would like to see this outlined… base the totals on undergraduate enrollment and then we’ll see who is engaged. Heck, make it total enrollment on campus if necessary but that to me show engagement. When your stadium hold 5 or 6 times your enrollment, that is impressive.

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