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Cremated remains found on Auburn’s field after Iron Bowl victory

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Does this only happen in the SEC?

Auburn’s Turfgrass Management team says cremated human remains were dumped on the field after the Iron Bowl victory.

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One can only assume the remains are from an overjoyed former Auburn fan, or Alabama is simply trying to curse the field.

It’s fitting either way, because that Iron Bowl was to-die-for good.

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Photo Credit: Shanna Lockwood-USA TODAY Sports

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Comments 14

  1. Please let it be Harvey Updyke!

  2. That’s Southern Football for you…….

  3. Don’t you put this evil on me Ricky Bobby!

  4. It’s probably one of the Bama linemen that was torched on the kick return…

  5. O_o ….. And they say us Bama fans are nuts! Wow. I guess someone got their final wishes carried out. Only in the SEC.

  6. Was Jimmy Hoffa an Auburn fan by any chance?

  7. I thought there were 11 cremated remains after Chris Davis’ runback!