Damontre Moore had much better pro day


Damontre Moore fared better in Texas A&M’s pro day yesterday than his ill-prepared combine showing last month.

If you will remember, Moore only mounted 12 reps of 225 pounds and ran a 4.95 40 at the combine, and he was deemed the dreaded ‘that one player who stood out for the wrong reasons’.

The once sure top-five pick had to have a great pro day to even secure a first-round selection in next month’s draft. Moore was one of two SEC players who had the most to prove on pro day.

And he fared much better, improving his bench press to 19 reps and fought through hamstring pain to deliver 7.05 in the three-cone drill and 4.31 in the short-shuttle drill. However, he didn’t run the 40, and he probably didn’t answer all the scout’s questions.

Evaluating Moore, it’s more about what he can do on film that’s so impressive. The combine and pro days are more about passing the eye test than anything, and like standardized testing, some guys just don’t test well. That doesn’t mean they won’t be successful. And Moore is one of those types of players. His game film jumps out and smacks you in the face.

Kevin Sumlin, along with any other rational NFL scout, knows it isn’t all about numbers, and that game film is a strong indicator of future success, and Moore has some of the best game film in the country.

“For him, his evaluation will be off video and how he played,” Sumlin said in an interview. “He wouldn’t be a projected first-rounder if he didn’t play like it.”

Several teams will be foolish enough to pass on Moore in the early part of the first round and regret it later.

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