Former Bama star DJ Fluker tweets he took money in college, agent says account was hacked


Alabama road grader and projected first-round pick DJ Fluker said on Twitter early this morning that he accepted money in college.

The tweet was deleted quickly after it was sent out on the interwebs, but here’s a link to it:


After the tweet was deleted, Fluker’s agent said his account had been hacked, and it will be reactivated after the NFL Draft Thursday night:

Fluker’s draft stock won’t take a hit, but he may have a few more questions to answer on Wednesday.

Photo Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports



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  • Head in the sand! Where there’s smoke there’s fire! Oh, but you know they did… Am I missing anything Bama fans?

    • Head in the sand? Read his old tweets. The speech patterns are nowhere near the same as all his others. He wrote spelled “what” with an “h” 140 times in April. He suddenly decides that he is going to start dropping the “h” the day he decides to come clean about being paid? His tweets are normally complete sentences, correctly spelled and generally correct grammar. The above tweet is none of those. Keep dreaming.

  • Twitter could be such a marketing play for athletes building their name and brand, but 99% of them have zero clue how to use the service. Who knows if his account was hacked or not, and it will never be proven if he did. The fact still remains: Twitter is great for people who know how to use it. Maybe all college athletes should get off Twitter.

  • I get a feeling all Auburn fans may get a few laughs out of this one…

  • I’ve followed DJ’s tweets in the past and that looks nothing like his past tweets. Definitely hacked!

  • His password was probably “RoleTied” or “123456789”

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