Alabama and LSU have already offered 8th grader Dylan Moses a scholarship

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You can also watch his highlights on YouTube here.

Alabama just offered 8th grade stud Dylan Moses from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. If you think Alabama is early on the offer train, Les Miles offered Moses a scholarship last summer before his 8th grade season.

Moses isn’t even in high school yet, but he’s racked up two of the most impressive offers in college football.

Moses is 6-0, 205 pounds as a 14-year-old and has a 34” vertical with a 4.4 40.

Moses’ father talked to about Alabama offering him a scholly so early, after Moses attended Bama’s junior day.

“When he said he was offering Dylan a scholarship, we asked a lot of questions just to make sure we knew exactly what he meant. Coach Saban said the Alabama staff believes Dylan has a chance to be the best player in the country in the Class of 2017 and they were ready to offer him a scholarship. That’s when the fireworks started going off in our heads.”

Moses reminds me a lot of current Bama early enrollee Derrick Henry, who is a 6-3, 245-pound uber back with huge upside. Henry will play either running back, full back, H-back, tight end or even outside linebacker.

We’ll see what position Moses grows into.

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  1. It should be noted that is Louisiana State University Lab School, which is already part of LSU.

  2. DawgMan
    Commented : 1 year ago

    kids a hoss but to be fair it looks like hes playing rec league 5th graders… just saying

  3. I’d say he has a few years to think about his decision, eh?

  4. ADB
    Commented : 3 weeks ago

    My nextdoor neighbor is pregnant. I hear LSU and ALA are recruiting him. If it’s a boy?

  5. ADB
    Commented : 3 weeks ago

    My nextdoor neighbor is pregnant. I hear ALA and LSU are recruiting him. If it is a boy?

  6. can’t wait for his momma to start complaining about why he gots to finish to high school and not just go straight into his ‘ship