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Facebook compiles county-by-county data of college football fandom

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Which of college football’s top teams have the biggest fanatics?

Facebook provided a map in which they took the AP Top 25 teams, then shows which teams have the most fans in each county of all states.

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As expected, Alabama and LSU dominate every single county in their states. That’s quite impressive, but neither have the interest of Texas, Ohio State, Oregon or even Nebraska.

And Florida has the widest national reach of any SEC team, nearly sweeping their state and owning Delaware, Rhode Island and the Northeast, while Texas A&M only dominates its home county.


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Comments 23

  1. This map is total BS, I am a totally loyal Hog fan and I live in Arkansas and I can guarantee that Arkansas is not now or will never be an LSU state! I only know one misguided individual that lives in this state that likes Les and the criminals! Absolute BS!

  2. It would be interesting to compile this map based on just the fan base itself. Talk about a nightmare! Not too comforting seeing Florida blue in Knoxville. GO BIG ORANGE!! #VFL

  3. “Facebook provided a map in which they took the AP Top 25 teams, then shows which teams have the most fans in each country of all states.”

    Should be “county”? Im thinking?


  5. We have parishes not coutnys

  6. This is pretty silly. Doesn’t mean anything unless all FBS schools are included. That would be interesting to see. This is just useless.

    LSU gets most of Mississippi based on 2 or 3 fans per county. Same with Florida in the northeast, and Oregon in the entire northwest.

    • Actually you’ll find a lot of LSU fans in MS. If you just go out on gameday you’d see enough people decked out in LSU attire. Most people here in Mississippi being MSU or Ole Miss fans would support LSU long before Bama. Funny to see how aside from parts of TN the only Bama fans in the country live in AL haha.

  7. I find it interesting that the Upstate of SC is more SC than Clemson. Wonder where their data came from the new #Hashtag feature? If so, maybe the taters haven’t learned how to use hashtags yet.

  8. Could that be a Gator county right in the middle of Georgia. Go Gators!!!!

  9. WOW…I guess Hawaii LOVES Oregon! Lol…