154 Days until SEC Football


Fancred iPhone App Screenshot154 days. That’s how long it is until the kickoff of the 2013 college football season on a Thursday night on ESPN. You know this. I know this. We know this because college football is as much a part of our life as anything.

I live in Boston, but I grew up in Starkville, Mississippi. Each fall on six Saturdays it felt as if the entire world descended on my small town. Sports was life, and that was never more evident than when Mississippi State took the field against a Southeastern Conference foe. I loved to hate the visiting teams, but over time I fell in love with something else. I fell in love with the culture of SEC football.

Each week a new team with distinct colors, distinct traditions, and a distinct culture would set up a tailgate in the same spot as a polar opposite fanbase the week prior. As much as I loathed the opposition, I quickly learned to respect the rivalries and culture we were all a part of.

I grew up. Life happened. Friends scattered, got jobs, got married, had kids. Continuing to share sports content and have sports conversations with friends was a process and experience that completely changed. Bar meetups and tailgates to watch the game were replaced with mass text messages from my couch at home. This is how the concept of Fancred came to be.

We created Fancred for fans like you because we are fans like you. You should never be separated from content and conversations surrounding your favorite teams.

We thought about your game day experience, your post season experience, your “countdown until college football season” experience. You think about college football every day of the year, and we wanted to build a tool that allowed you to talk about college football every day of the year. We want the most passionate, loyal fans to be able to access content and conversations anywhere, anytime. We want you to continue to have the team experience you are accustomed to, not letting life get in the way.

Just think, in the 5 minutes it took you to read this article, you are 5 minutes closer to the 2013 college football season.

154 days and counting.



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