Final regular season SEC Power Rankings: The Big 14


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Here at SDS, we like to call them as we see fit, not necessarily by win-loss record, but by the whole body of work. There’s little doubt who wound up the top two teams, but the real controversy is who finished 3-6.

Remember, ranked wins reflect wins over currently ranked teams.

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1. Auburn Tigers (12-1, 7-1):

SEC Champions

From 3-9 overall and 0-8 in the SEC to 12-1, SEC Champions and playing for the national championship, Auburn has far surpassed any goal anyone had for them in 2013. The winner of the last four Iron Bowls has won the BCS National Championship, and Auburn gets Florida State next. The Tigers lead the country in averaging over 335 rushing yards per game. Gus Malzahn should be the national coach of the year, let alone the SEC coach of the year. A fantastic season could get even better in January against FSU, a team that has looked dominant throughout the season.

Ranked wins: #21 Texas A&M, #22 Georgia, #3 Alabama, #8 Missouri
Ranked Losses:#16 LSU

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2. Alabama Crimson Tide (11-1, 7-1)

Alabama’s quest for a three-peat fell short on a miracle missed kick-six return by Auburn’s Chris Davis. The goal for Alabama is national championship or bust every single year, and it’s a testament to what Nick Saban has created. The dynasty is still intact, but Gus Malzahn and Auburn will threaten to rip it apart in the future. The Iron Bowl returns as college football’s best rivalry, and 2013’s will go down as the greatest ever. Alabama’s offense was great this season, but the defense wasn’t as great, particularly in the secondary. Saban has some work to do to recruit specific types of players to combat the hurry-up, no-huddle attack.

Ranked wins: #21 Texas A&M, #16 LSU
Ranked Losses:#2 Auburn

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3. Missouri Tigers (11-2, 7-1):

In a season similar to Auburn’s, Missouri made the second biggest turnaround in college football. One of the biggest goals in 2013 was earning respect in the SEC, and I’d say, for the most part, they did earn it. Finishing the regular season 11-1 and beating two quality teams down the stretch in Ole Miss and Texas A&M was a strong finish that cemented them in Atlanta. They just couldn’t stop Auburn’s running game, nor did they try to make any adjustments, which was surprising. The future looks bright for Missouri in 2014, too.

Ranked wins: #22 Georgia, #21 Texas A&M
Ranked Losses:#9 South Carolina, #2 Auburn

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4. South Carolina Gamecocks (10-2, 6-2)

Had South Carolina beaten Tennessee, the Gamecocks would have had their shot to play for a national championship. Instead, the loss to Tennessee overshadows another 10-win season for Steve Spurrier at Carolina. Outside of Auburn, Carolina has the SEC’s strongest resume with wins over UCF, Missouri and Clemson, and with a lighter schedule than normal, several thought this was the Gamecocks’ season to put it all together. Still, the future is bright even though Connor Shaw, Jadeveon Clowney and Kelcy Quarles are all leaving, and Spurrier isn’t leaving anytime soon.

Ranked wins: #15 UCF, #8 Missouri, #12 Clemson
Ranked Losses: #22 Georgia

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5. Georgia Bulldogs (8-4, 5-3)

Georgia entered 2013 with national championship aspirations, and those fell short for two reasons: lackluster defensive play and injuries. Still, the defense had more to do with the outcome of the season than injuries, but both attributed to a worse finish than anticipated. Three of the four losses were to top 25 teams, and wins against South Carolina and LSU were impressive early in the season. Georgia is a better overall team than LSU with QB Hutson Mason. The Bulldogs return a lot of great players in 2013 and will make another strong run.

Ranked wins: #9 South Carolina, #16 LSU
Ranked Losses: #12 Clemson, #8 Missouri, #2 Auburn

6. LSU Tigers (9-3, 5-3)

LSU just missed another 10-win regular season, and with replacing eight starters on defense, the unit was figured to take a step back. And they did just that with – at times – some bad secondary play. However, the offense was electric and explosive with a 3,000-yard passer, two 1,000-yard receivers and a 1,000-yard running back. It was a big year for the offense and a down year for the defense. QB Anthony Jennings gives the offense hope for next season, but how many draft-eligible juniors will leave?

Still, LSU was the only team to beat Auburn. Good thing the Tigers caught AU early in the season and on a rainy night.

Ranked wins: #2 Auburn, #21 Texas A&M
Ranked Losses: #22 Georgia, #3 Alabama

7. Texas A&M Aggies (8-4, 4-4)

Texas A&M entered 2013 as a national championship contender, and had the defense been any better or more consistent throughout the season, the offense may have been good enough to get there. Johnny Manziel put on another show, but two losses against LSU and Missouri down the stretch likely killed his Heisman campaign. The Aggies’ defense gave up over 30 points per game and over 221 yards rushing per game. You won’t win nine games with a defense that bad.

Ranked wins: None
Ranked Losses: #3 Alabama, #2 Auburn, #15 LSU, #8 Missouri

8. Vanderbilt Commodores (8-4, 4-4)

I thought there was a chance that Vandy could win 10 regular season games if everything fell into place this season, but key losses to Ole Miss and Missouri were two that had to go in their direction. Wins against Georgia and Florida were an incredible accomplishment to the program James Franklin is building. Ranked wins build programs and put programs on the map. If Vandy wants to keep Franklin, they’re going to have to start selling out home games and showing evidence fans are buying in. Another eight-win season sounds like a broken record for an up-and-coming program in Nashville.

Ranked wins: #22 Georgia
Ranked Losses: #9 South Carolina, #8 Missouri, #21 Texas A&M

9. Mississippi State (6-6, 3-5)

It was a successful season in Starkville. We knew the schedule would be difficult to navigate through, but we didn’t know just how difficult. Look at all those ranked teams the Bulldogs ended up playing, including non-conference Oklahoma State. Once Dan Mullen made the switch to QB Dak Prescott, the offense started opening up, evolving and creating a sense of identity. The defensive front seven were strong all season, led by freshman lineman Chris Jones, and there’s a core of young talent returning, including WR Jameon Lewis. State could win eight games next season, depending on how much overall talent is lost in the SEC West. And a bowl game win against Rice is huge for momentum.

Ranked wins: None
Ranked Losses: #13 Oklahoma State, #2 Auburn, #16 LSU, #9 South Carolina, #21 Texas A&M, #3 Alabama

10. Ole Miss Rebels (7-5, 3-5)

I thought Ole Miss had an opportunity to be the surprise team in the SEC West this season, much like Auburn. Not to the extent of Auburn’s success, but had Auburn not exploded onto the scene, Ole Miss could have finished second or third in the West. Instead, they finished 3-5 in conference and lost the Egg Bowl. It was a nice 7-5 season, improved from 6-6 last year, but to lose two straight down the stretch to Mizzou and MSU made it an unsuccessful season in my mind. Still, loads of talent are returning next year, when the Rebels should make some serious noise.

Ranked wins: #16 LSU
Ranked Losses: #3 Alabama, #2 Auburn, #21 Texas A&M, #8 Missouri

11. Tennessee Volunteers (5-7, 2-6)

Tennessee truly had a very tough season. Had they not played Oregon, the Vols would be bowling. Instead, they didn’t go bowling for their third straight season. Butch Jones has a strong recruiting class that will bring in some talent and help, but replacing the entire offensive line will be difficult. Is Josh Dobbs the future? Is Riley Ferguson the future? Can the defense improve? There are more questions than answers in Knoxville.

Ranked wins: #9 South Carolina
Ranked Losses: #10 Oregon, #22 Georgia, #3 Alabama, #8 Missouri, #2 Auburn

12. Florida Gators (4-8, 3-5)

Florida had their worst year since 1979! Still, Will Muschamp will return, but a philosophical change on offense must be had. Florida lost their last seven games. Granted, it was to five ranked opponents, but losses to Vanderbilt and Georgia Southern are unacceptable for a program that should compete for national titles, injuries or not. Florida plays one of the toughest schedules in college football every single year, but the Gators did go through injuries of biblical proportions to nine different starters. It was an overall forgettable year that will leave Muschamp sitting on the hottest seat in college football entering 2014.

Ranked wins: None
Ranked Losses: #16 LSU, #8 Missouri, #22 Georgia, #9 South Carolina, #1 Florida State

13. Arkansas Razorbacks (3-9, 0-8)

The Razorbacks finished exactly what Auburn did last season, winless in the SEC. Bret Bielema needs to weed out the weak players and keep the strong. He also has a nice nucleus of returning players in RBs Alex Collins and Jonathan Williams, TE Hunter Henry and QB Brandon Allen, but needs much better players at receiver. Bielema also needs more size and athleticism at linebacker and in the secondary. Overall, this team isn’t SEC-ready, but a couple more good recruiting classes will help. A bowl game is the expectation for 2014. Finishing the season on a nine-game losing streak isn’t what was expected.

Ranked wins: None
Ranked Losses: #21 Texas A&M, #9 South Carolina, #3 Alabama, #2 Auburn, #16 LSU

14. Kentucky Wildcats (2-10, 0-8)

Mark Stoops endured a tough first season in Lexington. Things really got off to a tough start after the loss to Western Kentucky. Wins against Miami (OH) and Alabama State were imperative. The ceiling was probably four wins entering the season. The Cats played Louisville, Florida and Mississippi State pretty tough. Stoops just needs athletes on both sides of the ball, primarily to fit his throw-it-around identity on offense. There’s another nice nucleus of players in the 2014 class, headlined by QB Drew Barker to help Kentucky get better. The defensive line wasn’t bad, led by DEs Bud Dupree and Za’Darius Smith, along with DT Donte Rumph.

Ranked wins: None
Ranked Losses: #18 Louisville, #9 South Carolina, #3 Alabama, #8 Missouri, #22 Georgia

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  • Georgia is a better overall team than LSU? Whatever you say…

  • Go back and watch the SECCG again MIZZOU Did make adjustments through out the Whole game, nothing worked… why? It was a lack of Execution and Tackling.

    Can’t wait to watch FSU be run over with the Mac Truck with Auburn plates… they don’t have a chance in stopping it either.


    • Missouri has used the 3 man line a lot this season. It has been porous against everybody except Vanderbilt. In my opinion the scheme is to allow the opponent to use some clock, reduce the amount of space to defend and allow 3 points. Sounds a little shaky but if you are Missouri’s offense and can score touchdowns almost all the time. It’s a proven tactic. It remains to be seen if Missouri can score 42 points against all their SEC opponents every year however. If your #1 quarterback if out this scheme might fail against ie. South Carolina 2013.

  • Could easily flip-flop lsu and uga. Could maybe argue the same for vandy and a&m.

  • MSU will be the surprise team next year get ready for the cowbells

  • Glad to be ahead of Ole Miss. Think next year could be a big season for us. Really looking forward to seeing what Dak and all the guys can do next year.

    • In Jon Coopers opinion, but the records and bowl selections say something else. CowbellU had to have 4 turnovers from Bo to win at home, in OT. The teams were closer than they should have been this year, but OM’s schedule is favorable too next year, and the Egg Bowl is in Oxford. #HottyToddy

      • Indeed, Charles. Losing two straight games to finish the season was disappointing after a strong start and the LSU win. MSU has garnered some momentum heading into the offseason with two straight overtime wins, regardless who the opponents are. Will be interesting to see how OM and MSU play next season. There are big expectations for both programs.

      • You forget that our THIRD string QB played the majority of the game.

        • Willy, Charles and the rest of the bear faithful look for any excuse to tarnish our success. Ole Miss fans are in denial about Freeze. He is not the coach of the future. Now that teams have figured out his offense, defensive schemes have adjusted to shut them down. State was playing a QB fresh out of high school and he was managing very well considering the circumstances. Ole Miss fans refuse to acknowledge this fact also. And Bo Wallace had 2 more turnovers that should have been reviewed. States defense answered the bell. Get over it

      • We had a QB fresh out of high school playing 99 percent of the football game. Be glad Dak Prescott did not start the entire game. Would have been a landslide State victory.

      • Aside from Damian playing a good portion of that game before Dak came in we also handed Ole Miss their only touchdown on a silver platter.

        In a world where our kicking was worth a damn that night (borderline Iron Bowl level kicking) and Dak hadn’t been hurt it would have been a much rougher Egg Bowl regardless of whether Wallace had butterfingers or not.

  • If power rankings are taking where teams are today and ranking them, there’s no way UGA is above LSU. Georgia today is not what they were in September,

    And I love the rain excuse for the Auburn loss to LSU. It’s too bad the rain forced the best running team in the conference to rely on their run game. Why not just say Auburn got better throughout the season while LSU didn’t instead of making lame illogical excuses on why they lost?

  • I’m a Auburn fan and I agree with you. Their should be no excuses about the LSU game. It was that game after the first half they found a running game. They just didn’t play a complete game and when that happens to a team most of the time you loose.

  • Georgia over LSU is a joke. Sure, Georgia beat us, but the current Georgia team is just a fraction of the team that won back then. Plus, that was a home game for UGA, if it was played in Tiger Stadium I bet LSU would have won. Bottom line is those two teams were pretty much equal, and Georgia lost the heart and soul of their team in Murray… way they’re better than us right now.

    • A ‘joke’ when they even have the head-to-head? Are you forgetting college football’s most improved player Mettenberger is also out? Mett was the catalyst for a much more explosive offense this season. It may be a difference of opinion, but you can certainly justify either position.

      • Uh, well this is embarrassing, but yes, I actually did forget about Mett’s injury……..

        My bad, I see where you’re coming from now. Although I think Murray meant more to his offense than Mett did.

  • South Carolina is better than Missouri schedule wise and headsup with a win………….GOod to see Florida isn’t dead last!

  • Kind of surprised that Arkansas struggled as bad as they did. Losing to Rutgers then losing every last game. Looked like an entirely different team against LSU. Very strange season

  • A funny thing happened at the SEC CG – a Big 12 game broke out! And there was a Big 12 team in the CG! If that was the #2 defense in the SEC, then …….. Somewhere in that Field House in the sky, the coaching legends of the SEC are shaking their heads and wondering what has happened to their once great conference. Big 12 teams in their CG, 100+ points being hung up in their conference’s CG, 1100+ yards, etc., etc.

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