Paul Finebaum: ‘Bama will beat Texas A&M easily’


It’s never too early to talk a little Alabama, Texas A&M, right?

Paul Finebaum joined ESPN Radio’s SVP and Russillo to talk a little SEC football, most notably the SEC’s most anticipated matchup and biggest revenge game between the Tide and Aggies.

Finebaum alluded to it being a different kind of year for Texas A&M and added they will be good, but they aren’t going to beat Alabama again – and it isn’t going to be close, via Coaching Search.

“Obviously, everyone’s fixated on Sept. 14, when Alabama shows up. I’ve already said I think Alabama is going to win that game, and I think they’re going to win it easily. That doesn’t make A&M a bad program. They’re top five in the country, and Manziel is certainly on everyone’s list to repeat, although we both know he won’t. … Even though it is a revenge game for Alabama, I think the pressure’s on A&M. They’re still newbies with all this fame and fortune.”

Finebaum said Alabama would beat the Aggies when he made his ESPN debut back in May. But he’s added to his optimism by saying, ‘Bama will win easily’.

Finebaum is assuming the Aggies will crumble under the pressure of top dog Alabama coming to town, and dealing with a target on their back is something Alabama succeeds at, not Texas A&M.

But nothing about beating Texas A&M is easy, and dual-threat quarterbacks have been all but easy for Nick Saban and his defense in recent years. Cam Newton, Johnny Manziel and Tim Tebow are three who come to mind who have used their dual-threat nastiness to take down the Tide. And Manziel isn’t getting slower, and he should improve as a passer.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Alabama in the game, but I don’t share the same sentiments of it being an easy victory.



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  • Mr. Fine., I think you are confusing aTm on the way up last year with aTm as a defined power today. I also think you are confusing AL at it peak over the past two years with a team that is going to be very hard to maintain at that level. No NCAA team is going to easily beat aTm, AL, SC, GA,unless they help beat themselves or maybe not even several other teams in the SEC, that’s what comes from having good coaches and players across the league, we all hope we have as few easy victories as possible, (TILL THE BOWL GAMES)

    • SC beat UGA easily. For 5 years now people such as yourself keep saying Bama cant maintain. And for 5 years they have proven you wrong. Just as you sit here and say Bama cant maintain, who is to say TAM will this year?

  • Whereas Finebaum and I share the same prediction for the game, our reasonings differ. Paul is basically a typical fan with a microphone. I might have found it more credible if he would have shared his opinion on “how” Alabama will easily defeat A&M, rather than using feelings and emotions (same way Cowherd and Bayless present their arguments). The question isn’t which team is better – Alabama’s best game beats A&M’s best game. Obviously the Aggs dealt Bama some kryptonite last year, exposing the dangers of abandoning contain and using heavyset DE’s. But whether folks want to admit it or not, Manziel didn’t do much running after the 1st quarter, and was sacked quite a few times in 2nd half. For some reason, Alabama decided not to establish a strong running game. Combining that with showing up half awake in the 1st quarter, and it’s easy to see why A&M came away with a victory after being spotted a 20-point head start. Jon mentions that other Spread offenses (Tebow’s UF and Cam’s Tigers were examples) have given Bama problems in the past, and that is relatively true. But Cam Newton did not run all over Bama in 2010. In fact, he was sacked 4 times in the 1st half, and only totaled 39 yards on the ground for the whole game. Well you can say that he won the game with his arm. Yep, he completed 13 passes for 216 yards, 70 of those coming off of a single play in which Barron (who was playing with basically one arm) should’ve have never been in the game to begin with. Well what about Tebow? He beat Alabama once. Yes he did, and he was a fine player. But in their win over Bama in ’08 (Saban’s 2nd year), Tebow bested Newton’s numbers by completing 14 passes for 216 yards. His real threat came from his running, and was able to add 57 yards onto Florida’s 142 rushing performance. But wait, Tebow played Alabama again (kinda of like Bama/A&M this year), and Bama had an actual film to study where they had beaten a year prior. Did it work? They won, even though Tebow’s stats were better (247 yds passing, 63 rushing). So what were the adjustments then? It would take a while to explain the actual X’s and O’s, and how Bama assigned multiple “spies”, and changed up the pass rush. But the biggest difference I noticed after watching both games in person was in 2008, Tebow was moving forward on every tackle. In ’09, Bama hit back and made sure their tackles counted. Now, I’m no psychic and I can’t predict what will happen this year. I’m sure both Sumlin and Saban will amp up their preparation, and both coaches will showcases some schemes designed to debacle the other. Alabama wants revenge, and A&M wants respect. So I assume we get to watch both teams at their best – which is the only way to pice who is supreme. My opinion is that A&M did not play Alabama at their best a year ago, but props to the Aggies for winning a game they weren’t supposed to. But this year, if Alabama’s defense plays focused and utilizes their weapons at LB and DE, as well as the offense presenting a balanced hard-nosed attack, Alabama will win by a couple of touchdowns. Sorry for the novel.

  • The Tide will ride high vs A&M. The game will not be close. BAMA by 17.

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