Florida linebacker Antonio Morrison suspended after strange arrest

NCAA Football: Sugar Bowl-Louisville vs Florida

Antonio Morrison is a big part of the Florida defense which lost considerable talent to the NFL this past offseason. It appears that the Gators will now be without Morrison for “at least” two games to start the season. The suspension comes after Morrison was arrested this weekend after an altercation with a police dog.

Reports say that Morrison was “barking” at the dog. Somehow, this led to an arrest.

Despite the unusual arrest, Muschamp was swift in delivering a suspension. Florida has been on the wrong side of criticism related to player discipline in recent years going back to Urban Meyer, so it’s not surprising to see Muschamp act quickly.

Florida plays Toledo on opening week, then travels to Miami to take on the Hurricanes.



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  • Ouch! I liked it better when I was young and officers weren’t as insecure about the totality of their authority, and much more discerning rather than abusive of their powers

    • I’m sure when you were young, people also had more respect for authority. People forget that for law enforcement to be effective, they need to be respected. Going up to a police dog and barking is almost the equivalent to walking up to an officer and yelling in his face. If law enforcement just allowed themselves to be mocked like that, then they would be taken less seriously. When the law is taken less seriously, then people are going to be more likely to break it.

      Stupid Gator.

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