Three takeaways of Florida’s brutal 21-16 loss to Miami


Here are three takeaways from Florida’s brutal loss against Miami.

Turnovers: Where do you want to start? Florida isn’t good enough offensively to win football games against even decent opponents turning it over. Add in the fact it’s Miami and on the road, it’s even tougher. Florida committed five total turnovers, including three in the redzone. The Gators finished +15 last year in TO margin, and they lived off fourth-quarter scoring and second-half turnovers. That thin margin of error is a double-edged sword, and it bit Florida in the worst way today. The Gators are now -4 in TO margin in two weeks.

Driskel’s lack of development: Florida has to be concerned. Is Jeff Driskel as good as he was two years ago? Has he developed since coming to Florida? Driskel has always physically looked the part, with a strong arm and good speed, but he doesn’t have the it factor every team needs at quarterback. He finished 22 for 33 with 291 yards, one TD and two brutal INTs in the redzone. You can’t do that against any team and expect to win a game. He struggles recognizing coverages, and he’s struggled to read defenses dating back to last season. Head shaking, to say the least, that the game is still moving so fast for a junior.

Dominant defense: Florida’s defense was gashed early, but they were the only reason the Gators were even in the game. Miami mounted just 212 yards and 49 yards on the ground. Duke Johnson had zero impact on the game and finished with just 58 yards and one TD. DT Dominique Easley, LB Ronald Powell and CBs Marcus Roberson and Vernon Hargreaves played well. The Canes finished 1-11 on third down. The Gators’ defense is very good.

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  • This one is on Driskel. Miami is not a very good team and the rest of the Gators outplayed UM across the board. Give Tyler Murphy a shot and see if he is a player.

  • Just pointing out…this was my upset of the week. Though my prediction about the game (outside of Jeff Driskel being proven to be overrated) was off…still think it is cool I got it down.

    • Just pointing out-That’s the thing I hate about Georgia fans, when they win they become experts on everything. Captain you and Tennille come on down to Jacksonville and the Gators will give you- your upset of the week.

      • very classy of you Gary….come on man

        • Class is get on a story about the Gators and bragging that your Jimmy the Greek for picking Miami to beat Florida, If that is Georgia class you can keep it.

      • Didn’t say I was an expert. I was pointing out that I think sometimes we underrated other teams from other conferences and say that an SEC will beat (insert other conference team here) because well…we’re the SEC. I have said since last year that Driskel is overrated and time and time again been proven right. But ya know…whatever. Good luck in the game. Personally I doubt you win 10 games this year, but ya know…what do I know? I’m just a dumb Georgia fan.

      • Wow. still being a dick.

      • Gary529; What would make you think this in any way? Hell they couldn’t beat themselves yesterday. Coach M needs to rethink his QB situation. He is too good of a coach to keep killing his team with stubborness. If he doesn’t that will be the start of his leaving Gainsville. By the way, the thing I hate about Florida fans is they are forever saying idiotic things like “come on down to Jacksonville and the Gators will give you- your upset of the week.” Did you watch the game yesterday? That was one of the worst games for Florida and the SEC EVER!!

        • Tide64 I have no problem with your comments; they are football and story related. So you think my Gators didn’t play well and that’s fine, My problem is with Georgia fans name calling and thinking this is the proper story to brag about picking Miami to win, I am sure any fan of any team that had a bad loss Saturday would be pissed off, if they see some fan of other team on here bragging about picking the upset against their team.

    • Good pick. Mine was WVU over Oklahoma. Thought I had a chance for a while but it didn’t pan out.

      • It was close. I only picked Miami because I thought Duke Johnson would give us some kind of a dark horse Heisman moment…but ya know…that didn’t pan out at all.

  • Four of the five SEC East teams (UGA, USCE, UK and Vandy) have a bye week prior to playing Florida this year. Could be a long season in Gainesville if the Offense doesn’t pick it up quick..

  • This has got to be the most embarrassing game any SEC team has played in forever. 5 trips inside the 20 and lost the game. Holy Cow!! Coach M, time to look at QB change. There is no way Florida should have lost this game.There is not a big problem with the D but the O SuCkS. This looks bad for the SEC. I thought this game would be like the UGA-USC(SC) one. It was far from it. Embarrassing to say the very least!!

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