FSU players: ‘We’re not worried about the SEC’


The Florida State Seminoles have been college football’s most dominant team throughout 2013, and they aren’t worried about anything headed into the championship game against Auburn.

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FSU linebacker Telvin Smith in particular isn’t worried about the SEC and says the Noles are going to play their game, via AL.com.

“We’re Florida State. We’re not worried about SEC and none of that. Our opponent has no face. That’s been our motto since we started. We’re not trying to match them or anything. We’re going out to play our game and not worry too much about them.”

Safety Terrence Brooks says he, too, isn’t worried about the SEC, and he doesn’t know what all the talk is about the SEC.

“I feel like we’re the best. I’m not worried about them. I don’t know what all the talk is about the SEC. I feel like we can play with them any day and that’s something we’ve just got to prove. The talk is with them. They’ve won the championships, but they haven’t played this team yet.”

FSU should feel very confident heading into January 6th. After all, they have won every game by a margin of 38.5 points. And no team outside of Boston College has even made the Noles sweat in the second half.

FSU enters an eight-point favorite, but because they’ve been so dominant against the 63rd toughest schedule in the country, they enter as the bigger unknown. How will they react when it’s a close game in the third and fourth quarters?

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  • It’s a lot different playing actual teams with great line of scrimmage play than it does playing against Clemson and Boston College every week. Auburn’s O-line is nasty, and they’re running game will eat up the Noles. Just depends on how Auburn’s D-line performs. Besides, underdogs usually win big games, and Auburn has been doing it all year.

  • This FSU team hasn’t played even a decent SEC team this year. I think they’re going to walk into this game thinking that they’re Mr. Big Stuff and will get a rude awakening. The SEC is nothing to underestimate. But this will definitely be a way to send out the BCS.

  • It’s time to go nole hunting!

  • Any good team would be dominate playing FSU’s schedule. Their toughest opponent was an overrated Clemson team that got crushed by South Carolina. FSU may have a good team, but they don’t know the meaning of a tough schedule. Anytime your playing Duke in your conference championship game it should tell you how weak your conference is.

  • That’s the perfect mindset for FSU right. WDE!

  • Noles fans are telling us that their big bad “D” is going to stuff Auburn’s running game like a Thanksgiving Day turkey because their D has stopped the run all year (sans Boston College). Here are the year end rankings of the teams they played:

    PItt – 101
    Nevada – 60
    Beth-Cook – 12 in FCS (gained 182 yards against Noles)
    BC – 26
    Maryland – 74
    Clemson – 66
    NC State – 73
    Miami Fla – 64
    Wake Forest – 116
    Syracuse – 30
    Idaho – 97
    Florida – 88
    Duke – 48

    So the Noles only played two teams that finished in the top 30 of rushing teams and they came in at #30 and #26???? Really???? That is supposed to have Auburn quaking in its boots after the Tigers steam rolled the NFL caliber running Ds in Georgia, Bama and Mizzou???? Never mind the fact that after the Noles opponents probably spent more time passing after falling so far behind. Yeah okay Noles fans, keep drinking the Kool-Aid. LOL

  • I am really looking forward to this game.
    “Experts” predict the Noles will role. I say they will roll over when they get the beat-down from the Tigers.

    Can you say 8 in a row? I can.

  • Florida State’s D will be completely demoralized somewhere about halfway through the second quarter when they realize those long gashes by Auburn just aren’t gonna stop.
    The Seminoles have a great offense..at least against the ACC, but that doesn’t do any good if they can’t get on the field.

  • Three points, 1) what else are they supposed to say? 2) I’m concerned that they have had 4 weeks to analyze the Auburn offense and that the layoff will hurt the Auburn execution and 3) I hope Auburn kicks the absolute shit out of them. War Eagle!

  • I hope FSU whips the , undeserving AU team, 70/0.

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