TCU’s Gary Patterson jabs at Les Miles’ disciplinary actions


This week one matchup just added a little spice.

Two days after Les Miles held a team vote to allow Jeremy Hill to be back on the team, TCU head’s coach Gary Patterson wasn’t impressed, at all. Reporters asked Patterson about the idea of holding a ‘team vote’ to allow his best player Devonte Fields, who is suspended for the LSU game, to be reinstated, via Star-Telegram.

“My whole team would vote Devonte to be back on the team because they all want to win. That doesn’t teach life lessons.”

Patterson then went on to insinuate the reason Miles hasn’t suspended Hill – granted, Miles hasn’t laid out the exact punishment for Hill yet – is because it’s TCU, not some baby seal team they can push around.

“I’m sure if it was some opponent they’d beat by 100 points [the players] wouldn’t have a vote. It’s not my worry. I’ve got to play whoever they put on the field.”

TCU’s Fields was the Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year last year as a freshman, and he’s more important to TCU than Hill is to LSU.

Your move, Les.

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  • This is the first time I’ve agreed with a Big 12 coach, ever. Miles reinstating Hill the way he did – with an announced team vote – is a joke.

    • I’ll tell you what’s a joke. Derek Dooley’s pants. That was a joke. Look, Patterson is going to look real goofy if Hill sits that game and LSU pounds them. I think he just threw enough fuel on the fire to make his life in late August a nightmare.

      • Oh I’m not denying anything about Dooley. Everything about him – pants, hair & coaching abilities were all a joke. But you can’t tell me that letting Hill back on the team is the right move. Les should have booted him whenever he saw the video of Hill cheap shottin’ dude in the back of the head then celebrating over his knocked out body.

  • I think it is pretty smart of Patterson to turn the media around on LSU problems instead of his own problems at TCU. Obviously, SDS took the bait.

    • no SDS opened the door on Patterson’s texas CHRISTIAN university where four players who got stung on ?drug tests? rolled over on the whole team having drug parties regularly. Great Job Jon.

  • “…is because it’s TCU, not some baby seal team they can push around.” [Citation Needed]

  • All y’all LSU homers on here trying to say Patterson’s not right. He’s right, and I like it. Ya, this is a Florida fan who lived and died on Urban’s foolishness, but still don’t agree with Les decision to let him back, esp by team vote. Garbage

    • Les does not hesitate to discipline, even if they are the starting QB as in the past. He let the team vote, but Les has the one and only vote that counts when it comes to Hill’s playing time.

      • So … allowing Jefferson to come back and start at the end of the season after Jarrett Lee got em there was discipline? C’mon Man! They got what they deserved in that championship game. And if I’m not mistaken Jefferson got locked up again last year SHOCKER!

  • This story is so rich. It gives us a chance to call Les Miles for a whimpy and wrong coaching move (without other SEC coaching having to be the big brothers) but at the same time it’s like bulldozing a burnt TCU and Patterson after the whole team was named in a drug habit investigation last year. Now we can say LOUDLY to TCU and everybody in the big 12 show us your team disciplinary record. Do ya think Adom. Su just suddenly turned into a thug after he got to the NFL. One of KU jaychick recruits just robbed a store and the court took over team discipline on this one. What do you think that team is going to look like this year with 19 juco players coming in 2013 ???? At Texas Tech the Tom the Tub. was slapping his assistant on national tv. I’ll bet that goes into the College Football Coaches Association example book of how NOT to apply discipline in a program.

  • Honey Badger self admitted he failed over 10 drug tests and you think “The Hatter” is going to suspend his best RB for a season opener vs TCU?????

    • “The Hatter” has Blue, Magee, and Hillard. Don’t forget, Hill was sitting the bench behind Blue. Hill got his start when Blue got injured.

  • Every time Les Miles does somethin goofy to make me like him…he goes and does something completely retarded and shady like this. A team vote? Seriously? Good for Patterson for calling him out on it…You’ll hafta excuse me if I don’t take sides strictly based on conference loyalty.

  • As usual, you men miss the BIG pic. The bad decision Coach Miles made with Hill was not puling his scholarship after his FIRST, much more serious arrest. Bar fights are a dime a dozen around any campus, and Hill’s “sucker punch” was wimpy at best.

  • I back Patterson.
    I said in an earlier article about Hill that I had confidence in Miles to come down hard on that kid. Well, now that I have my foot out of my mouth I can say that I’m pretty disappointed and a little sickened he nearly got off totally free for being a little punk. I hope he gets lit-up by someone coming at him head on just to show him that only boys hit from behind.

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