From one 43 to another: President Georgia W. Bush sends Bama kicker handwritten note


If anyone knows setbacks and controversy fueled by the public, it’s President George W. Bush. Any President knows that reality before they’re sworn into office. But let’s not get too political here, okay?

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Bush sent kicker Cade Foster a note of encouragement following Alabama’s loss to Auburn in this year’s Iron Bowl.

Foster missed three field goals – two misses and one blocked kick – against Auburn, and some fans sent him hateful Twitter mentions after the game. Some of them were disgusting and brutally awful.

But through it all, Foster has had much support from fans and teammates the entire time, and now, he has the support of President Bush.

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  • Foster did not lose that game. Bama simply (as a team) did not rise to the occasion against a very talented Auburn team. I’m not trying to say Bama gave it to Auburn, because Auburn demanded the win. They were scrappy all year, and definitely came to play. That much being said, many people won’t realize just how important Foster was to Bama this year (come on – the kid was 11-for-12 before the Iron Bowl, with 2 FGs over 50 yards), and most of his kickoffs were not returnable (for the last 3 years…). The kid was simply having a bad day, and that could be said for many others on the team. I think nearly every receiver dropped a pass (exaggeration, of course), and Mandell nearly dropped the first punt snap (still managed a 35-yard punt – pretty good under the circumstances…).

  • I think the Cade Foster thing is getting a lil overblown. He’s a kicker. Sometimes they have bad games. So do quarterbacks. Maybe Tony Romo needs a note of encouragement? I think there are plenty of more tragedies out there versus a guy missing a few FGs.

  • Jon, I think you’ve written too many articles about SEC East football. “Georgia W. Bush?” Really?

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