Mark Richt: ‘I don’t hear Coach Spurrier complaining about [our schedule] this year’


Steve Spurrier has been known to speak his mind regarding anything related to Georgia. Whether it’s explaining why he loves to play the Bulldogs in the second week to jabbing UGA’s ‘weak’ schedule, Spurrier loves to get under the Dawgs’ craw, dating back to his days at Florida.

At last year’s media days, Spurrier was quoted comparing the Gamecocks’ and Bulldogs’ cross-divisional opponents.

“You think I make the schedule?” Spurrier said. “If I made the schedule, Georgia would be playing LSU, and we’d be playing Ole Miss.”

Georgia played Auburn and Ole Miss, while South Carolina played LSU and Arkansas in 2012. And Spurrier made it known publicly he wasn’t happy about it.

But he’s been noticeably quiet this offseason.

Mark Richt says UGA’s tough schedule has kept Spurrier at bay, via ESPN.

“We’ve got a tremendous schedule this year, we know,” Richt said. “I don’t hear Coach Spurrier complaining about it this year.”

Georgia opens up with the SEC’s toughest August/September schedule in 2013.

The first two games against Clemson and South Carolina should be a strong indicator of the season’s fate, but it won’t ultimately determine their fate. Clemson has no bearing on an SEC crown, and Georgia has won the East even after losing to South Carolina for two consecutive years. If Clemson and South Carolina aren’t enough to make UGA fans sweat, LSU comes calling in week five.

Of the three SEC East powers, South Carolina drew the most favorable slate with the 10th ranked strength of schedule, while Georgia’s strength of schedule finished No. 8 overall in the SEC. South Carolina plays Arkansas and Mississippi State (combined 12-13 in ’12) and Georgia tackles LSU and Auburn (combined 13-12 in ’12).

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  • Spurrier is a dumbass who has always hated georgia cause he could never beat them when he was at florida.

    • You do know Spurrier dominated Georgia with 11 wins in 12 years at Florida, right?

    • Of course he does! Everyone shoul;d hate GA. They basically stink and their fans are the worst in the league. So sit back and watch your puppy rears get kicked AGAIN!

    • Really? He only lost once. Twice if you count the time he was a QB coach.

    • Aaahhhhh, the dumbass has spoken !!!!
      Spurrier owns Jawjah kicked their ass every year while he was at Florida,,, now doing the same thing @ Carolina !!!! If you don’t have a clue to what you’re talking about best to stfu that way we’ll only think you’re an idiot,, when you write something like this you remove all doubt.

  • whining already! Puppies are pathetic. After they quickly go 0-2 they will be whining for a new Coach – AGAIN!

  • Lets not forget that is THREE straight losses to Carolina!

  • It’s 3 years Jon Cooper…3 years in a row that Carolina has beat Georgia!

  • He’s quite b/c it’s about time GA gets a real schedule. They’ve had a soft schedule the last 2 years and still didn’t get a trip to the NC out of it. They certainly will not be in the hunt this year either.

  • I’m saying he needs to be quiet and worry about his own team, and uga owns every all time record between all of their major rivals

  • I love to hate Coach Spurrier. But one thing is true….he owns Georgia.

  • its really funny how everyone likes to discredit the gamecocks, talk about how they have never won anything, talk about how all Spurrier does is whine, and yet when it come down to it. everyone talks about how tough there schedule is in September. let me start with Clemson a team in which I despise a team in which my gamecocks have owned the last 4 years. Clemson is a team with a two man offense and a mediocre defense. then you have the gamecocks a team that beat Clemson and took LSU down to seconds in the real death valley on primetime tv at night. LSU scratched by Scar. and then LSU a team that lost to Clemson in a game they never should have been in. and by that I mean who goes 11-1 regular season and is happy about the chic fil a bowl. LSU didn’t care they had a sputtering offense and Clemsons D could put up points. So if Carolina isnt a credible team that’s worth a damn and is so irrelevant why is UGA’s September Schedule so brutal. With one team that isnt worth a damn (SCAR) one team that scratched by SCAR (LSU) and one team that recently cant beat SCAR (Clemson). analyze that and get back to me on your thoughts about the gamecocks. 22-4 the past two years. yea nothing to show for it but facts are facts. Go GAMECOCKS

    • excuse me how tough gerogias schedule is in September.

    • 22-4? Oh no whatever shall we do??? The team with no SEC Championships and no BCS titles is coming. Let’s all hide in fear!!! Win the big games before you talk. Roll Tide son.

    • You can tell yall haven’t do nothing if yall are so proud of almost beating LSU. What has SCAR done to make the SEC the powerhouse it is today. The SEC hans’t always been the best conf. the SEC is what it is today to no thanks to SCAR. South Carolina has just been feeding off the SEC recruits but has no NC, no BCS game, no Conf. title, and don’t even schedule any big non-conf gms. Congrats on yall best team in school history but scar is only the 6 best in the SEC right now.

      • Don’t schedule any big non-cons?? They play UNC this year and they’re trying to make that a more permanent thing from what I’ve heard. clem is an annual matchup. And they scheduled UCF this season. I don’t know who your SEC team is, but outside of UF, I don’t think anyone except UF (and even theirs is weaker than SC’s) and USC can talk about their non-con schedule this year. Auburn, Bama, and Vandy were named 3 of the 10 softest non-con schedules this upcoming season by CBS.

  • “Spurrier loves to get under the Dawgs’ crawl” Jon, I think I understand your intent, but respectfully, that’s a mixed metaphor. I believe it would be more accurate to say he “loves to get under the Dawgs’ skin” or “Spurrier loves to frequently stick in the Dawgs’ *craw*”. Of course, the latter would have to be purely metaphorical, because physiologically, I believe, only birds have *craws*, (it’s a part of their throats). No doubt Spurrior has a long-smoldering grudge against UGA dating all the way back to his playing days. I think Bill Stanfill kept some of Spurrior’s body parts as souvenirs.

  • i got nothing against south carolina, they are a very deserving team. i believe lsu is a very overrated team and i think uga will have no problem beating them, especially in athens.

  • USCe hasn’t won a Championship since the 1969 ACC title……ever since UGA beat Spurrier/Gators in 1966 and ruined his Heisman season he has a hard-on for beating UGA. I believe UGA has a 47-19 edge on USCe all-time. They have turned the corner on beating UF, Tenn and UGA. But where has that got them? One trip to Atlanta….ever.

  • Here are some numbers for you CLOWNS…
    Georgia is (46-17-2) against South Carolina
    Georgia is (48-40-2) against Florida

  • Love that every one of you cocks are so proud of beating’s like your only accomishment in the sec so I get it…..I suppose none of you cocky crows were anywhere to be found in previous decades that we dominated Scar? In fact, you were probly wearing Clemson Orange. Posers

    • This is one of the most asinine comments I’ve ever read regarding Carolina fans. It’s not shocking coming from a Bulldog, seeing as most Dawg fans know little outside of their own team. I’m relatively new to this rivalry, having grown up in the Florida/Florida State world, but I’ve been around for a few years as a USC student. Carolina has one of the longest suffering fan bases around, yet they have always had incredible support. People live and die by this team, and people in this state hardly switch colors. Sorry that we’re actually winning big games and threatening for an SEC Championship (and National Championship) now, and that shakes up the way you would like to envision the SEC East. Things change. Have fun calling for CMR’s head by week 3. We all know how Aaron Murray fares against ranked opponents…

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