UGA’s Gurley and Marshall: Quit calling us ‘Gurshall’


Let me be the first to agree with Georgia’s dominant duo.

Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall are the country’s most talented running back tandem, and they’re tired of being called ‘Gurshall’.

Of course, Gurshall was logical since it combined the trio of Gurley, Marshall and Herschel, but it’s time to officially put the nickname to bed. Gurley and Marshall agree, via Macon Telegraph:

“I never really liked the name,” Gurley said Thursday. “I always said that, since it came up.”

“I don’t like it at all,” Gurley said. “I just don’t.”

“Sometimes I’ll be out somewhere and someone will be like: ‘What’s up Gurshall?'” Marshall said. “That’s not my name.”

Neither player offered any other replacement nicknames, but they did tell Seth Emerson their weights. Marshall said he’s up to 220 pounds, while Gurley says he still weighs 232 pounds…of raw talent and bullying behavior.

Hopefully we’ll see this against Clemson.

Photo Credit: Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports



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  • Kinda funny cause I’ve only heard Georgia fans say “Gurshall.” But I can totally understand how neither of them want to be called that.

    • That’s funny, because I’m a student here at UGA and no one ever uses that nickname. We understand they want to build their own reputation and names.

      • The only Georgia fans are the ones currently enrolled at the university? That’s funny.

        • “I’ve only heard Georgia fans say Gurshall”
          Well I live in the city of Athens, (hence the whole ‘I’m a student’ thing) and students, residents, even my parents do not refer to the tandem as “Gurshall” and I wouldn’t be surprised if half of them hadn’t even heard that name. I was not referring to current students as the only fans, rather the entire town. Thank you for putting words in my mouth. but no thank you.

        • And before you jump on me for that comment, I was not referring to the residents of the town as the only fans, just offering you advice on the culture of the town and the nature of the fans that live here, although you sound like you think you know better than me anyways.

  • I hate nicknames in general, so I’ll be happy to see this dumb one go out the window

  • Hmmm… I didn’t know that was their name. I watched them in Columbia last year and I was sure their names were “No” and “Show”

  • I call them the Carolina Express….because it was like they arrived overnight and brought us the rushing attack we’ve been missing…then there’s that whole speed/power combo too.

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