UGA loses two more offensive starters to season-ending injuries, another to have arthroscopic surgery


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Devastating news out of Athens this afternoon.

Georgia already lost WR Malcolm Mitchell for the season after he tore his ACL celebrating with Todd Gurley after a touchdown against Clemson. (You can watch the freak injury video here.)

And during yesterday’s 34-31 overtime win at Tennessee, three more offensive starters suffered knee injuries. RB Keith Marshall and WR Justin Scott-Wesley suffered season-ending ACL tears, according to head coach Mark Richt. WR Michael Bennett will reportedly have arthroscopic surgery to find out the extent of his injury.

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Marshall finished the season with 56 carries for 246 yards and one TD, but he was off to a big start against Tennessee before a low (clean) hit by Vols’ DB Cam Sutton. Bennett caught 14 passes for 176 yards and two TDs, while Scott-Wesley had become the biggest downfield target for Aaron Murray this season, and he caught 16 passes for 311 yards and two TDs.

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Freshmen JJ Green and Brendan Douglas will help replace Marshall and play behind Todd Gurley, who remains day-to-day, while WR Chris Conley becomes the Bulldogs’ biggest target in the passing game. Also, Reggie Davis and Rantavious Wooten become much more important on offense.


Michael Bennett has a torn meniscus. You can read about it here.

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  • I guess the country will find out about Jonathon Rumph and Tramel Terry sooner than expected.

  • Ugh. Hate to see this as a Gator fan. We’ve had our fair share of ACLs too. Hope Marshall and JSW get better soon.

  • Got to hit low to stay in the game…. you’re gonna see more and more blown out knees because of the targeting ejection rule.

    • Hadn’t thought about that, but you’re right. It’s almost a lose-lose situation. If your options are to get ejected from the game, or possibly injure an opposing player, I feel like most players will take their chances with the latter.

    • I would also submit to you the targeting rule is another reason Defenses are giving up yardage that they wouldn’t before. They’re afraid to give a good hit on someone without it being considered a “targeting” hit, penalized, lose 15 yards, and get ejected (without possibility of being turned around after review). I understand the rule but it sure is giving a huge advantage to the offense until coaches start losing more and more guys to season-ending acl/mcl injuries. All due to defenses having to hit low…

  • This is a real shame, just as you were getting in gear for a run at the NC. As an auburn Fan and I know I am speaking about most of us… We hate seeing athletes go down, a speedy recovery to all, and good luck with the rest of the season

  • well shit… sucks to see 2 key offensive players get hurt for the rest of the season. especially not even half way into the season

  • it sucks to see anybody get injured and out for the rest of the season. anybody know who will replace them?

  • Doubt we take the redshirt of Rumph or Terry. JJ Green will have to relieve Gurley IF he is back this week for Mizzou. Hope Bobo pulls his head out of his you-know-what and utilizes our two outstanding TE’s. UGA has gotten by this season so far by outscoring opponents. With these severe hits to the Offense I don’t see how the Defense keeps us in games from here on out. With Murray you always have a chance but he can’t do everything himself. I see a UGA season going down in flames…..

    • I think “going down in flames” is a bit extreme, here. Objectively, making it to the SEC Championship game and winning a good bowl (Sugar?) would be a tremendous accomplishment for a team replacing an entire defense and missing as many offensive starters as we now are. Both of those objectives are still quite likely. The NC is a far more difficult goal to achieve at this point, though not impossible. We’ve seen our Dawgs rise from the ashes of a written-off season to finish strongly several times in the recent past. I think our D will only get stronger with experience and will surprise us with some key stops in pressure situations.

      I agree with your redshirt claims. They got those shirts for a reason. No sense in sacrificing the team’s future for a little extra depth this year. Bobo will almost have to revise his “middle-run, middle-run, corner-post, punt” game plan with our “new” offense.

  • Never want to see players go down, and especially not for the season. Hope they both have speedy recoveries

  • I wish Mitchell, Gurley, Marshall, Bennett, and Scott Wesley a speedy recovery!!

  • Get well soon guys! We Mizzou fans know what its like to lose key players to season ending injuries (Henry Josey and the O-line last season are are recent exaplies that come to mind).

  • Rumph needs to heal his hamstring completely or else him finally playing in a game will be short-lived. I don’t think we redshirt him because if he plays well next year, he’s gone to the NFL anyway. As for Terry, the last thing we need to do to that young man is force him back too early have him reinjure the ACL he tore in January. In my opinion, we’re just gonna have to make due with Conley, Davis, Wooten, and our TEs, which together is still as good of a starting unit as several SEC teams, if not most of them. Our margin for error, however, is razor-thin.

  • Tennesse has a knack for ending seasons with knee injuries. Look at Lattimore. Knee targeting should br a penaly also.

    • Much though I hate to say this, I put Marshall’s injury on Murray. It was a clean hit to his hip, not his knee. He got injured because he was hung out to dry and had to stretch to try to reach a ball in the open field with a defender closing on him. Murray throws that one away, hits him in stride, or brings it low and today’s conversation is about the 250+ yard break-out game for Keith. One bad pass and one bad break…

      • You can’t blame Murray for it. It happened and it’s nobody’s fault. With that said, Murray did read the corner wrong, thinking he’d drop back into coverage to cover Jay Rome. If he had read it right, Rome makes a huge catch maybe for a TD and Marshall is healthy, at least after that play. Fate does not play favorites and has no sympathy for the good guys.

  • Any SEC fan hates to see this type of stuff. I was about to anoint Georgia the best team in the SEC right now until they keep losing so many players. Georgia still looks good and they are stacked with talent. This just gives some of those guys behind the starters a chance to shine and show what they have been doing in practice. We’ll get to find out Saturday what Mizzou is all about.

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