Georgia partners with Make-A-Wish and releases powerful video

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Comments 8

  1. That is awesome! Pure Class! Do you know what illness he is suffering from?

  2. That’s awesome!

  3. This was actually just some of the UGA football players’ court-ordered community service as part of the deal that got them out of jail in time to play on Saturdays.

    • Chris
      Commented : 4 months ago

      stay classy, my friend.

    • Classy, indeed. Also, very well-founded since UGA has one of the harshest, self-imposed disciplinary policies in the SEC and college football, in general. You are obviously only a Vandy fan, since a Vandy grad would be smart enough to not make himself look like an utter moron.

    • We dont let suspended players for charges like drug possession or DUI step on a field again unlike Alabama or LSU. We dont support sorry low lifes

  4. Really awesome,great thing to do!

  5. What an emotional video to watch. I am curious about his illness, too, but you can’t say that this doesn’t pull on your heart strings.