Four takeaways from Georgia’s 41-30 win over South Carolina


Georgia stays in the national title hunt, and for the first time in three seasons, the Bulldogs beat South Carolina and Steve Spurrier 41-30.

Watch the highlights here.

Key offensive play: Aaron Murray’s 85-yard TD pass to Justin Scott-Wesley with 13:00 left in the fourth quarter.

Key defensive play: Georgia stopped South Carolina late in the fourth quarter on 4th and goal from the two.

Here are four takeaways:

Big game Murray: For as much criticism as Aaron Murray heard all week about his record against top 10 opponents, he put on a show today. Murray torched the Gamecocks’ secondary, finishing 17 of 23 for 309 yards and four TDs. Aside from the Florida game last year, this is Murray’s best win against a top 10 opponent. He was really flawless all day, and South Carolina had no answer, as they gave up 524 total yards to the Bulldogs’ explosive offense.

Defense stepped up: It wasn’t a dominant showing by the Bulldogs’ defense, but they stepped up when they had to. Georgia yielded 454 total yards and 30 points, but the Connor Shaw forced fumble in the third and the fourth quarter goal-line stand were things of beauty. Maybe this gives Todd Grantham’s group confidence moving forward, and you have to figure the inexperienced unit will start to gel throughout the season.

Connor Shaw: Shaw played a big-time game on the road, where he is now 0-4 in his career. Except his third quarter fumble, Shaw played good enough to win. He finished 16 of 25 for 228 yards and two TDs. He also added 75 pesky running yards that caused trouble all day.

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Running games: You could have just witnessed the SEC’s two first-team running backs in 2013. Todd Gurley and Mike Davis put on a show. Both are physical bullies, and each played big-time roles for their teams today. Gurley finished with 30 carries for 134 yards and one TD, but he was outshined by Davis, who finished with 16 carries for 149 yards and one TD. Gurley was the Bulldogs’ workhorse.

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  • dogs took care of bizness today. oh well. guess there wasn’t gonna be a Climpsun style four peat.

  • @Jon, how did their line look today? I think I misspoke when I said by the end of the season UF would have the best DL in the SEC. They have the best D in the SEC.

    UGA’s D isnt very good, but every team that plays them better be able to get 5 TDs if they plan on winning. Scary good balance.

    • UGA’s defense is just young. As the season goes on, I look for them to improve.

      • No doubt. They dont have to be that good when their O puts up 40 a game, I think they will keep getting better. They have played 10 true freshman on D so far and only have 1 senior in the 2 deep.

        Next season UGA will be really scary if they get some good QB play.

  • Orleans Lattimore: Here I am…quote you. As you pleased. ” Quote me on this please, no way does UGA win by more than 7 if they get the victory.” UGA just won by 11 points (which by the way is winning by 2 scores because as you said “Don’t think the UGA team is better than the USC team and certainly not by two scores.”) What did I say the score would be? 41-27. I was off by a field goal, sorry. And about you run game…Gurley, Marshall, and Hicks combined for 220 rush yards, 85 receiving yards, and 3 TDs. And did that defense “overwhelm Murray” like you thought it would? And without Mitchell…5 different receivers stepped up along with Gurley, Marshall, and Hicks also contributing. And…where was Clowney? I guess “desire to win” really doesn’t triumph over actually talent.

  • But on another note now, where was Clowney? Cause that 1 tackle performance was embarrassing.

  • There were also 3 drops in this game for UGA…Murray could have easily been 20 – 23 for 350. This was definitely his defining moment and I hope he has a few more to come.

  • Well played sounds game from UGA yesterday. My takeaways as a Carolina fan in the stadium yesterday: 1. While Shaw had a decent game overall, he HAS to trust him arm early in the game. For most of the first half he never gave the play time to develop before running and his passes were short somewhat worthless passes. 2. 3rd down play management stunk from the HBC. 3. The defense looks under conditioned and not motivated as a whole. There were several plays where the Carolina D wasn’t even lined up in position when the ball was snapped, Case in point during the 85 yard TD pass, the CB quit his assignment and left Scott-Wesley wide open 15 yards down field. 4. Why did Spurrier not utilize Dylan Thompson at all during the game?

  • Now I hope after this game people realize how over-hyped Clowney actually is. This game helped me realize how bad the rest of the SC defense is as well. There were at least 5 times I can think of when UGA had receivers catch a pass while they were wiiiide open. UGA’s running game is just that good but you can’t expect to keep a team from scoring when you don’t even cover their receivers.

    • Is this your way of downplaying Murray’s excellence? Tisk tisk

      • Where were you with that excellence last week??? He beats a top ten team for the second time, ever and you are ready to kidnap him in the hopes of a quick Stolkholm Syndrome case. How shocking. Or should I be like a certain someone I know and whine about a running game being the reason for a QB’s success? Naaaah.

  • Don’t get too cocky Bullpuppies, SEC East is still WIDE OPEN. Have fun with LSU and Florida. We did last year. :)

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