Georgia struggling to close down the recruiting stretch


The 2013 SEC East favorite who has won the division in back-to-back seasons is struggling down the recruiting stretch on several big-time prospects. Georgia’s problem has never been getting blue-chip prospects on campus, however, this year seems to be different.

In a year where the Bulldogs played with less than 70 scholarship players, the 2013 class was supposed to help with recent attrition.

Georgia currently has 30 commitments and has the ninth best recruiting class in the country, according to 247Sports’ Composite Team Rankings. The Bulldogs will likely sign 34 players, but they will also likely miss on their biggest targets down the stretch.

With the news of Georgia’s biggest target left on the board in Laremy Tunsil favoring Ole Miss, the Bulldogs offered another three-star in-state offensive lineman George Adeosun to replace him. It certainly appears that Georgia’s coaching staff doesn’t feel too confident in landing Tunsil by offering Adeosun. Tunsil was the one five-star player Georgia looked to hang their recruiting class on, but he seems like a lock for the Rebels now.

In addition, Georgia looks like they are also losing ground on in-state running back Alvin Kamara. Although the Bulldogs can offer more playing time early because of Bama’s seven deep at running back, it looks as if Kamara is trending the Crimson Tide’s way. Georgia also just took a commitment from two-star running back Brendan Douglas. That could be a telltale sign they don’t feel good about Kamara.

Big-time defensive tackle prospect Dee Liner, who seemed to be an Alabama lock, said he would visit Georgia this past weekend. That visit never happened even though Georgia recruited him very hard down the stretch.

Five-star outside linebacker Matthew Thomas was set to visit Georgia this past weekend, but that never happened either. Thomas looks set to decide between Florida State, Miami and Alabama.

Five-star defensive tackle Montravius Adams is the most logical big fish to sign with Georgia, and landing Adams would help stop the bleeding. Adams is down to four – Auburn, Alabama, Clemson and Georgia, but he seems like he’s really down to Auburn and Clemson. Georgia has ground to make up in the next three days for Adams’ signature.

This is all coming on a year where they will miss on the biggest prospect in the country and in-state stud Robert Nkemdiche, not to mention former in-state top linebacker Reuben Foster moved from Georgia to Auburn, Alabama, just last year. Foster seems like an Auburn-Alabama battle.

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  • If The Articles you have posted over the last couple weeks tell us anything, it’s that half of these 5 star Divas never pan out anyways. Growing very tired of these kids who haven’t proven anything other than dominance over far less talent acting like big money Free Agents and jerking around the programs whom they even went as far as “committing” and “de-commiting” to. No big suprise that when they finally do get on campus their “commitment” to the team is questioned down the road in many cases. These kids obviously don’t know what that word even means.

    • I was thinking the exact same thing. It would be nice if we could pull Adams or some of the other kids who seem like they’ve really just been having a hard time deciding where they want to go. I could care less about kids like Foster who seem like they could potentially be trouble during the off season. Overall I’m not too worried. If we can pull 1 5 star I’d be perfectly content with this years class. As you said, they’ve been telling us all about these 5 star kids that dont pan out. So its not a make or break situation.

    • And it’s only going to get worse, with the new NCAA recruiting rules and all. Instead of just acting like Free Agents, they’ll be further treated like them and make the whole top-prospect recruiting dog and pony show that much more infuriating. Totally agree, Buck, about Foster — seems like big time trouble off the field. I would like Adams, though — our DL needs some dominant play makers after last season’s showing. I really wish we hadn’t let Tunsil get away, either; Richt never recruits the OL enough. Not that it matters until tomorrow what any of these kids say — the word “commitment” seems to mean about as much to top recruits these day as the word “humility.”

  • Kudos to Muschamp for telling that DeCommit to make a move or Kick Rocks. These primadonnas need a reality check sometimes.

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