Voter explains why he ranked Georgia No. 1 over Alabama


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The AP Preseason Top 25 came out Saturday, and Alabama was nearly a unanimous No. 1 except for two votes, but who’s counting, right? Georgia and Ohio State both received No. 1 votes, leaving Alabama with 58 of the 60 first place votes.

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Glenn Guilbeau of Gannett’s Louisiana Newspapers voted the Bulldogs the top team in the country, and here’s why, via AJC.

“I was surprised (more didn’t),” Glenn told me. “Georgia easily could have won it all last year and they return most of their offense and (Aaron) Murray from that team. And I think it’s good that they don’t return that defense. Sometimes it’s better when you don’t return players from a bad unit, you know? So I think that’s a good thing, too. And I just think it might be their turn. I think that’s what happens; sometimes it’s just a team’s turn.”

Even though Guilbeau cites the defense will be better, his main rationale is because Georgia’s offense is going to be special. The Bulldogs, led by Aaron Murray and Todd Gurley, will go toe-to-toe with Alabama and Texas A&M for the SEC’s most explosive offense. Will that be enough?

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I’ve remained in the minority – like Guilbeau – thinking Georgia’s defense can improve upon last year’s underachieving stallion. Maybe they won’t have another Jarvis Jones, but collectively, with egos now gone, this group could gel into a better collective unit. The front seven should be better, and they may have to be to compensate for a younger, inexperienced secondary.

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  • Unless our D horribly underachieves for a second straight year, I don’t see much of a dropoff, either. I see a unit that will slightly overachieve or perform on par, at worst. Yes, we have a tougher schedule this year, but the D just needs to be good enough to let our O do its thing. Do we deserve to be #1? Ehhhh, ask me in a month.

    • I 100% agree. Worst case we do as well last year on defense, and maybe the hunger of some younger players makes us even better. I think defense wins championships, but an offense as good as ours could be, we can heavily control the clock, and keep our young D rested and ready. Ask me in a month too, if I think we should be number 1.

    • You don’t think losing Jarvis Jones is going to warrant some form of dropoff? He was, after all, the SEC Defensive Player of the Year.

  • Easily could have won it all last year… if they didn’t have to play the #1 team for a reason.. THINK people.

    • Alabama football has turned into a dynasty. 3 championships in 4 years. Georgia doesn;t have enough talent to match Bama on defense. I think give Georgia another 10 years before they can be the top of the SEC.

      • Is that what you think? So you know some 8 year old kids that are gonna take us there?

      • Easy Bama fans, it was the luck of a tipped pass that let you beat Georgia last year. You have a great team but Georgia was easily just as good.

        • It was also a non-tipped pass (that turned into a missed pass interference call) that set up a blocked FG attempt (that was of course run back for a TD) that let UGA even have a chance on that last drive. I will agree, however, that UGA was (almost) as good as Bama last year. The SECCG is likely to be another stomach ulcer machine….

        • “it was the luck of a tipped pass that let you beat Georgia last year”

          First off, there’s no luck behind a tipped pass. You have to consciously jump up and hit it to tip it. Second, the player that pass was intended for was double-covered, so it’s unlikely that he would’ve gotten into the end zone even if he had caught it.

        • I’m sorry but I fail to see how an All_American linebacker tipping a pass was luck. Luck would be a absolutely wide open receiver standing all alone in the end zone and Murray hitting him in the hands and it being dropped (Think Jackie Smith for Dallas in the Super Bowl) That’s luck, not a great player making a play to save a game. Now I totally agree UGA was only one play away from a BCS championship because they too would have crushed Notre Shame.

        • No, it wasn’t luck on the part of the LB who just flat out made a great play…think what he was referring to was the arrogance displayed by SOME bama fans as if the Tide just rolled all over UGA…when the game basically was decided by fingertips.

  • Mr. Guilbeau, I think you are over-estimating how good Georgia is. Sure, they are a good football team, but do you really think they are better than Alabama? Alabama’s running game, tough physical defense, and best coach in the country with Nick Saban is why Georgia is not the top team and Alabama is. Parker Browne is completely right. Defense wins championships and having the best coach in the country shows that. I think Mr. Guilbeau’s voting is an insult to Alabama. Alabama knows they are the best team in the country and they are ready to show the SEC who is in charge. I am predicting a 35-7 Alabama-Georgia SEC final; not even close. I hope no one agrees with Mr. Guilbeau’s vote because that is just plain crazy.

    • Frisky, go back to giving hand jibbers to Nick Saban.

    • well….UGA does have a case. I think our Offense is going to be fun to watch. We have great “skill players.” I don’t know about the O-line. That’s what wins or loses football games. I think we could win, and I think we sorta caught bama off guard last year. I do think bama would be more ready for us though, because I think they respect us a little more. South Carolina lost A sanders, and Markus Lattimore so I don’t know if they will have the offense to beat us this year….As long as Clowney doesn’t eat Murray, we should see Bama in the SEC. But you do have Saban and the refs….so

      • I personally think Murray should go Paul Crews (Burt Reynolds version) on Clowney the first time he gets into the backfield. nuthing like a tight spiral to the nuts to slow down a monster.

    • Frisky54…that’s some pretty good logic there…I think we should probably just call it a season now based on your expert analysis. I mean why would any other team even take the Field? Do you happen to have a son that’s also your nephew? RTR!

    • Wow, not even one down has been played this College Football Season and Bama has won the SEC with a 35-7 win over Georgia. I guess there is no reason for anyone else to suit up. You must be a Bama fan. College football always surprises, I wouldn’t make predictions too early as a couple of injuries can always turn a season upside down.

      • Damh human, do you understand the theory of preseason bantering? Did you read all the comments that stated Georgia is going to be number one? Does that not bunk your silly statement? Of course not a single person on here knows who is going to be number one at seasons end. Do you know there are fans out there that think Ohio St is going to be number one, Oklahoma will be, Texas A&M will be, Podunk U will be? Holy Cow. It is just fans talking and not the end of the world. All of this crap about lick not luck is just as dumb as your post. Did you see how A&M beat Bama. A fumbled snap and warbley throw gave A&M the win. That and some ?able calls. But no matter what, Bama lost. End of story. Georgia lost, end of story. Shoulda-coulda-woulda means nothing. Georgia gave Bama the biggest scare all year. Many Ga fans do not want to play Bama in the SEC game this year. Many do for revenge. I would love to see them play again. Ga deserves the chance to go all the way. So don’t be silly with your posts.

  • As badly as it pains me to admit it, Georgia is the best team out of the east heading into this year. As we all know this is college football and anything can happen. But I believe it will be a rematch of bama and UGA in the SEC championship game. I believe bama is the better team, but it could go either way. But as we all know, none of the preseason talk means anything because it’s always best to expect the unexpected in college football.

  • I love how upset the Bammers get about one man’s preseason opinion, as if it makes one damn bit of a difference. I also love how Dannybowen admitted he likes to give HJ’s to winners….LOL. Anyway, Bama proved they were number one last year…good job. Guess what? They’ll have to prove it again this year. It’s a cliche, but that’s why they play the game.

    • I couldn’t care less about any preseason rankings. While they may be fun, they really mean jack in the long run. Also, I prefer when Bama has to work the season for a #1 (or #2) ranking rather than start out with one. But…that’s just me.

    • I like how upset you’re getting about the opinions of some Bama fans.

      Pot… meet kettle.

      • Upset? Nah. Amused by Bammers and their sore ladyparts? Absolutely!

        • Just one question there partner, WHO WON the game. The ones with lady parts or the macho men? That really doesn’t speak well of your team being beat by us man/women does it? As a matter of fact I would be ashamed to admit it

        • I’m not your partner and we aren’t in the Wild West.
          Anyway, “Bammers” isn’t a reference to the team; it’s a reference to Bama fans. Read my sentence above…I’ll wait 10 minutes. You back? Alright, if you pay attention, it wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense if I was commenting on the team itself being upset about the article above, now would it? Again, you guys are endless hours of amusement.

    • Really, whinning Bammers? Did you read all of these posts. I would say there is an equal amount of whiners from both sides. The really silly thing is not a one of them knows how the season will end. But it is fun to read all the funny, silly, stupid things people say. There is a serious argument about how dumb the rcvr was for catching the ball Murray threw. If he had let if hit the ground they may have had another chance. But if a bullfrog had wings he wouldn’t bump his ass ever time he jumped would he?

  • Footballs aren’t round which means they bounce funny sometimes. A bounce here or there and Florida goes 8-4. A bounce here or there and UGA goes to Miami. A bounce here or there and anything can happen. To be the man, you got to beat the man. And right now Bama is the man. Until someone knocks them off they will be #1. Does UGA “deserve” a #1 vote? Why not? They’ve certainly got the talent and potential to be #1. It’s all opinion at this point anyways. Pre-season rankings are just about selling magazines and blog fodder for discussions. Once the 1st 4 weeks of the season are over and we get to October we’ll have a better idea of where everyone shakes out. If UGA is 4-0 after the LSU game then maybe we can revisit the discussion.

  • Completely agree. People forget UGA came within 6 yards and a few seconds of beating Alabama. Their offense is going to be killer. Their defense has a lot of stars but didn’t play well as a unit. If this high turnover can produce a cohesive defense then lookout.

  • I love when the Florida fans make this excuse. Who caused those 6 turnovers? If my memory serves me correct, I believe Ga had several TOs as well.

  • Georgia will do what Georgia always does. They will put a lot of talent on the field, look impressive early on, and fall apart mid-season after losing to someone they should beat easily. I predict Missouri.

  • More importantly…who in the heck voted OSU #1?

  • In response to WESWELL25…SC went 9-1 without Lattamore. We beat Ga 35-7 last year. This year the offense good. The defense (linebacker) will have the step up and play. Ga better be focused on Clemson before thinking about SC. Going to be some great games in the SEC this year. Go Gamecocks. We also have a couple of WRs that can take Ace Sanders place. Let the games begin. :-)

  • Ok, bama fans that think they are so much better than GA even though they squeezed by. If thats the case then hand over your crown to A&M cuz they beat you. Your defense is so spectacular except in the secondary and your running game was great but a true freshman named Gurly had a better year than your number one (they both shared the load). Your qb is good at passing if your wr is wide open, other than that he is awesome at handing the ball to a runner. Lets face it, Ga has the most explosive offense in football and Bama has probably the best defense. Bama won the Sec championship game, but you are crazy if dont at least give Ga credit for being an equal opponent. Does Ga deserve to be above Oregon, stanford, and Ohio st? I say yes…do they deserve 1st? I say no…bama deserves it! It will be bama and GA in the seccg once again (with a&m-fl or sc being possible spoilers) and the winner plays Ohio st. We will call it 8 straight for the sec!
    Oh and sc….you gotta beat more than just GA in the sec to win the east! God I love football!

    • Good post. I hope to see GA in the CESCG again this year. That was the best one of all the SECCGs.

      • I live in Tallahassee and work in Bainbridge, GA, as a BAMA fan. I hate FSWHO and love the SEC. Just think how much fun I have with college football down in this triangle of the world.

    • Yes UGA has the most explosive offense No Doubt about it and No doubt Alabama has the best Defense. But to me it seems like Bamas offense is better than Georgias Defense, that being said UGA gave us all we wanted and more. And I’ll look forward to playing them again if that is the case, but I don’t think there is anyway you can’t pick Bama to win it all (nit saying they will just that they have the best shot) especially since Bama had the easiest SEC schedule of pretty much anybody

  • Yea, that’s the way it happens. It’s MY TURN. That’s just Stoopid. It’s MY TURN, that’s funny. DAWG780, you don’t see much of a dropoff. That won’t matter because; wait, IT’S YOUR TURN. Too funny.

    • Pretty sure I didn’t say our defense not having a dropoff had anything to do with it being our turn. I agree that it’s pretty “stoopid” (not sure if you’re trying to be funny or if you really can’t spell the word…I’ll go with the latter) to say anyone wins the BCS because it’s their turn. Now, does luck usually have a part in a team going to the BCS championship? Absolutely.

  • This is a guy who doesn’t deserve a vote. “And I think it might just be their turn.”

    Really? That’s your rationale??? And they had a bad defense, but fortunately those guys all graduated or moved on.

    Again, these people should be vetted a little more stringently.

  • I believe this is one of the most commented on story’s of the preseason. Just wondering if we could get a look back at the most commented story’s of the past to see which fan basses are the most passionate and drink the most koolaid……. Stay thirsty my friends!

  • Georgia had a great season last year and overachieved with a sub par defense. They should not have been in Atlanta and certainly should not have been competitive with Alabama when you look at the overall quality of their D, historically speaking. In order to win in the SEC you need a great defense. So what does that tell us about Georgia heading into 2013?

  • UGA’s Defense wasn’t bad last year they just didn’t play that well a few games that’s all. I get UGA will have most of their offense back and that’s a great reason but not they lay people on their defense so the defense will be better (if the back ups were better then they would have started) that being said Georgia will be the team top beat in the east and I hope that Bama will Meet them in the SEC champ and have another great game

  • I like Guilbeau’s analysis. Everyone agrees Georgia’s offense will be great. The question is the defense. Our defense this year will be better than last year mainly because stats wise we can’t be any worse than last year. Granted Javis Jones won us a couple of games last year, but still the defense will be better. Like Guilbeau says all the egos are gone now. Our defense has a few leaders, but most first-team positions are still being fought over. That means we have a bunch of young players fighting to prove themselves and earn their spot. I think this competition in the preseason will lead to a more aggressive defense during the regular season. This defense has something prove. Georgia and Alabama will both be great, but what sets these two teams is discipline. Alabama has been the most consistent and disciplined team over the past few years. I don’t know what Nick Saban says to his players, but whatever it is works. They don’t make mistakes and they are neither a lucky or unlucky football. Georgia on the other hand is extremely undisciplined, which also leads to us being unlucky as well. If Georgia can be more disciplined this year they are the best team. But something has to change in Richt’s coaching scheme.

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