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Gus Malzahn gets raise, extension ahead of Championship game

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That didn’t take long.

At major college football programs, you’re either getting raises and extensions or you’re feeling the hot seat. When you go 11-1 in the SEC, typically, you’re getting the former rather than the latter. Let’s just hope Gus Malzahn’s follow up to his 11-1 season is a bit different than that of the coach in Gainesville after his 11-1 season.

Auburn has given Gus Malzahn a six-year extension and a bump in annual salary to $3.85 million. The contract also builds in an annual $250,000 raise each year. This is a raise from the $2.3 million annual salary Malzahn had in his previous contract with Auburn.

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This salary puts Malzahn at 6th highest paid coach in the SEC and 11th nationally.

Auburn will talk about this as a commitment to Gus Malzahn, but more than anything, it’s likely an attempt to keep other suitors at bay from trying to steal Malzahn (e.g. Texas).

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  1. ADB
    Commented : 5 months ago

    Didn’t they do something similar with Gene Chizik?

  2. Malzahn should send a Thank You note to Mack Brown