Gus Malzahn responds to the report calling Texas his ‘dream job’


Gus Malzahn or Nick Saban?

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It seems all the smoke regarding Texas’ next head coach is coming from the state of Alabama.

After Auburn won the Iron Bowl, Sports Illustrated derived a report linking Malzahn and Texas, where some of Malzahn’s closest friends said he called it his ‘dream job’.

According to a source, Malzahn has told friends privately that coaching the Longhorns is his dream job. If confronted with the choice between Auburn and Austin, it’s a no-brainer move for Malzahn to bolt. The best job in the Big 12 is a much more stable place than The Plains, as even a play-caller of Malzahn’s acumen isn’t likely to make adjustments to historical trends.

Malzahn responded to the report during his press conference, and he didn’t deny the report. Why? It’s good business, via

“The response is, I’m tickled to death to be the head coach of the Auburn Tigers,” Malzahn said.

“I’m very blessed to be the head coach of the Auburn Tigers,” Malzahn said. “I really appreciate the guys that gave me this opportunity and believed in me. We are playing for the SEC championship, so it’s been a good year.”

Auburn AD Jay Jacobs has already said Malzahn will get an increase in salary and a possible contract extension after the season.

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Saban and Malzahn both share the same agent in Jimmy Sexton, who knows how to play the game.

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  • Malzahn is playing the game on and off the field.
    Most coaches dream jobs are the ones that pay the most money.
    Good move with the dream job thingy.

  • “The response is, I’m tickled to death to be the head coach of the Auburn Tigers” speaks volumes. Good for him in not lying, though, if would or will leave for Texas. He could have pulled a Saban (when he left the Dolphins) and adamantly denied he was leaving, only to leave. Somehow, I have actually a little appreciation for Malzahn at this time.

    • Yes, it’s good that he didn’t lie. However, pulling a “Saban” implies that Saban is the only coach that’s ever lied. Remember Tuberville when he said he would not leave Ole Miss? In the blink of an eye, he was at Auburn. For the most part, all coaches lie when confronted about whether they’re taking another job. Not saying it’s right, but don’t imply that Saban is alone in the lying department.

      • I didn’t imply that, you inferred it. Most likely because you’re an overly-defensive Bammer. I only referenced Saban because he is one of the better-known examples in recent memory to blatantly say “I’m not leaving for X” only to turn around and leave for X (i.e., Bama). All that said, I agree 100% that most coaches do lie or stretch the truth significantly. I don’t think it’s right, either, but I guess in their minds, it’s the lesser of two evils.

        • Coach Bryant had several jobs before he came home to Alabama. People seem toimply that Nick Saban is the only coach ever to change jobs. Don Shula coached placed before he went to Miami. Vince Lombardi coached another team besides the Packers. All coaches do it and they all say they aren’t leaving and they do. Get over it already.

        • Get over what, Bammer? Your post half confirms what I said and half doesn’t contradict what I said. I think you need to get over your worship of Lord Saban already.

  • It’s like playing cards sometimes you’ve got a good hand and sometimes you’ve got to bluff! I don’t blame any coach for “lying” about taking another job. There’s a lot more to it than just the job. What if Mal came out & said “yes I’d love to go to Texas”? Do you realize the fall out that could & probably would happen? Never tip your hand because somebodies always there trying to see your cards!

    • A coach in his position doesn’t have to come out and say “I’d love to go to Texas.” All he has to say is something along the lines of “I’m not going to dignify that rumor with a response” or “I will never comment on anything except those matters that relate to our next game, because that is what I am focused on” or I guess “I’m tickled to death to be Auburn’s coach” as funny as that sounds when you think of it.

  • Well, I hate to burst any bubbles — but I guarantee the Texas deal with Saban is a done deal.

  • Look at the position that any successful college coach is in: They have to be very circumspect in any statements they make with regards to their future plans. If they show too much interest in another coaching job, it will affect recruiting at their current school (the most recent examples are the decommits from Washington this week after Sarkisian left for the USC job. If they show no interest at all in another job, they potentially lose a valuable bargaining chip for a higher salary with their current employer. They have no choice but to play it right down the middle.

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