Texas AD Dodds thinks Horns, Aggies will play again and says Big 12 has ‘tougher road’ than SEC


Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds spoke to The Daily Texan, and expressed he’s sure Texas and Texas A&M will hook up again in the future. But he contends that Longhorns, not the Aggies, will decide when they will actually play.

“I think we’ll play sometime,” Dodds said. “I don’t know when it will happen or how it will happen, but I’m sure it will happen.

“They left,” Dodds said. “They’re the ones that decided not to play us. We get to decide when we play again. I think that’s fair. If you did a survey of our fans about playing A&M, they don’t want to. It’s overwhelming. I know. I hear it. Our fans are important to us. I think there’s got to be a period where things get different. I think there’s too many hard feelings.”

It’s Texas’ way or the highway. That’s very obvious. It’s also evident why former Big 12 members Texas A&M, Nebraska, Colorado and Missouri left for greener pastures – because of Texas.

Dodds also talked about the Big 12 schedule compared to the SEC’s eight-game schedule, and how the Big 12 has a tougher road to get to the national championship than the SEC.

“It’s hard to get out of it,” Dodds said of the Big 12’s round-robin schedule. “But if you get out of it, you’re straight into the national championship. If you can go straight through our conference, it’s a direct line to the national championship. In the SEC, Alabama hadn’t play Georgia for four years. So there’s maybe some advantages to it. They play some nonconference games late in the season that soften their schedule. The Big 12 is a tougher road to get there than the SEC because of their scheduling abilities.

Much has been made about the SEC’s lack of a nine-game conference schedule. The conference has played an eight-game schedule since it expanded to 12 teams in 1992, and there are several factors that will increase it to a nine-game schedule in the future.

  • Strength of schedule will matter in the four-team playoff in 2014. Therefore, the SEC will be apt to jumping to nine conference games.
  • The Pac-12 and Big 12 already play nine games, and the ACC will do so next season when Pitt and Syracuse join the league. The Big Ten will also discuss a nine-game schedule.
  • The SEC Network that is supposed to be announced next month could help push the conference slate to nine games, too. We’ll know more details in the middle of April.

Texas is the last non-SEC school to win a championship way back in 2005, and the pressure continues to mount for the Longhorns’ program. And if they want to play Texas A&M again, they may want to do it quick before the Aggies turn into a national powerhouse.

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  • He says who, he says when, he says how much …

  • This guy for real? I live in Austin and have several Longhorn family members and close friends. The overwhelming desire of those that I know is absolutely to continue the rivalry. Dodds is talking out his arse. As for the “tougher road”: long roads don’t equate to rough roads. If the Big 12 is a 100-mile freeway, the SEC is a 75-mile off road trail.

  • Obviously Dodd needs to get the boot out the door along with Mack Brown as both of them are killing the UT program. They are loaded with 4 and 5 star recruits yet they are a pathetic team. Now A&M has passed UT and they (A&M) are the best team in Texas and will only continue to get better and better as they are now in the best conference in all of college football.It will be up to A&M when and if they want to play UT again.

  • Let the recruiting do the talking. bahahahahaha!

  • Texas may have to play one more conference game, but they play everyone. Therefore, they play Kansas, Iowa State, and Texas Tech every year. So it’s more like they have a 6-game conference schedule. Like someone else said, a longer road doesn’t mean tougher. The strength of schedule is much harder for the Aggies than the t-sips.

  • I don’t think Dodds will ever get it, Texas needs Texas A&M far more than the other way around.

  • The arrogance of this guy is incredible! And this from a Bama fan( Yeah, we’re arrogant, but hey we back it up!). A&M jumped ship to get away from UT and play in the #1 football conference in the nation. Same for Mizzou. Nebraska and Colorado also decided they could do without having to kiss up to Texas. The rest of the little 12 need to put Texas on notice. They’re not the premiere program they once were and if ever there was a time to show them that they are just one amongst peers, then now is that time. They could honestly bring in 3 Mountain West teams, and drop the ‘Horns and still be okay. Texas in the SEC, no thanks. We don’t want you and we certainly don’t need you. The Aggies represent the state well enough by themselves.

  • Instead of talking mess, why doesn’t Texas focus on rebuilding their crap football program? 4th year’s the charm.

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