South Carolina: No Heisman campaign for Jadeveon Clowney


Much like UGA decided for Aaron Murray, South Carolina has decided not to run a Heisman campaign for their star Jadeveon Clowney.

USC told ABC Columbia that they are confident everyone around the country already knows Clowney, and no ‘promotional gimmick’ will actually win him the award.

“Our stance is similar to that of Georgia’s for Aaron Murray. With our first two games on national TV and the buzz already surrounding Jadeveon, we’ll let it play out some. We have discussed several ideas, including the use of our website and social media. As you know, he’s been on several magazine covers already and is headed to the ESPYs next week, so I feel confident people around the country know who he is. Ultimately, it’s his performance on the field that will dictate what awards he may be in line for, not some promotional gimmick.”

Like Murray, Clowney already has a giant pedestal he stands on at Carolina and the SEC.

There’s no need for Carolina to run a promotional campaign for Clowney, because ‘The Hit‘ already gave him more mo-mo than any campaign could have ever accomplished.

Clowney will make a serious run at becoming college football’s first true defensive player to hoist the Stiff Arm Trophy.

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  • I like this way of thinking by UGA and USC, I’m not knocking anyone who has campaigned and subsequently won the award, but if you have to have a campaign when you are already receiving so much media attention I feel like that could take away some of the pride in winning the award. If your performance doesn’t sell itself then why should the schools be shelling out money to sell you.

    • I totally agree with you. Although…campaigning can pay off. Look at Manti Te’o. He was terrible but worked his way to second in the votes.

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