Video: Jadeveon Clowney posterizes Michigan RB

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Comments 7

  1. Tony
    Commented : 1 year ago

    Sure is a proud day to be a Gamecock . . .

  2. I think they’re still trying to pick up his brain matter off the ground

  3. lukeing
    Commented : 1 year ago

    Clowney for Heisman 2013. Y’all got a great one, USC.

  4. Kevin
    Commented : 1 year ago

    Best hit I’ve seen in years

  5. Kevin
    Commented : 1 year ago

    Still trying to figure out what the ref was smoking on the play before when he called the Michigan first down when it was obvious the ball did not touch/cross the first down marker. What in the world was that? Clowney let the ref off the hook.

    • Last year the refs pulled the same shenanigans in the Auburn game. There was several seconds left on the clock and the refs refused to allow South Carolina to play. We were within field goal range and could have made it if it wasn’t for that

  6. Where is Teo at? Certainly not making plays like that. HOLY SHIT that was nasty.