FSU’s Jameis Winston takes home the Heisman

NCAA Football: Heisman Trophy Presentation

Three out of the last four years the SEC has taken home the Heisman Trophy. Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel hoisted the Stiff Arm Trophy last year, but it didn’t happen this year.

As expected, FSU QB Jameis Winston became the second freshman in consecutive years to win the award, with Manziel, Auburn’s Tre Mason and Alabama’s AJ McCarron all going home empty handed.

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Winston had a fantastic season, leading the Noles to the national championship, and Mason will get a chance to hoist his own trophy come January 6th.



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  • You mean the Championship game, not the Championship. I think Auburn has a little to say about that. Back in 92 Bama played powerful Miami with their Heisman winner, Gino Toretta, and he didn’t fare so well. Roll Tide, but hope the SEC retains the Championship Trophy.

  • Perfect example of the fact that the Heisman has absolutely nothing to do with the character of the player. With possible rape charges hanging over his head, everyone knows where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Just because he wasn’t indicted doesn’t mean that both he and his buddy didn’t take advantage of a drunk girl, even if she said OK at the time. Is that the kind of example the Heisman winner should set. Did anyone notice that the former Heisman winner standing right behind him never even smiled or applauded. That’s because he knew that a Thug just disgraced the character of the Heisman Trophy.

    • You are so exactly on the mark. thanks. Our football media is making the great game of college football into something ugly and shameful. I want the team to be the show. After that I want the team leaders and standouts to be of the highest character. In the real world there will be young men of marginal character participating but the media can motivate us all to be better people by using college footballs best young to inspire us all. I hate it when the media tell us one thing and we can see that the opposite is true. i.e. Jamis Winston is a mature team leader. Ahh no, Jamis Winston is AT BEST a young man who chooses to have sex with a young woman who together with him, will cover the game of college football with a public relations stench it may never wash off. When there are so many deserving young men in college football, what does this say about the Downtown Athletic Club, the Heisman committee, and all the voters? It says they are men of questionable character.

    • Agree completely with everything you said. Character isn’t even in the equation anymore. All people seem to care about these days are stats. If people thought Johnny Football made the heisman look bad during the offseason, I can’t wait to see their reaction this offseason.

    • I think it’s unfair for someone who is only accused of rape to be considered less of a reputable character. I don’t know what happened, you don’t know what happened. She very well may have been raped, she very well might not have been raped. But, if all it takes is for someone to accuse another of such a heinous crime for the accused to forever be considered a bad person or a “thug” then how sad is that and what kind of door has been opened?
      Think of it in another way: if AJ McCarron was accused of rape and he admitted to having sex with the accuser when both parties were drunk, but denied it was forced, would that automatically make McCarron a person of disreputable character or a thug? I would guess you’d be singing a different tune then.

      • Dawg, you bring up some important ideas, but they have been discussed (in the media quite a bit). Every young man exposes himself to the accusation when they put their “DNA” in a place they are not sure it won’t be used against them. The judgement young men make about sex is part of their character. The judgements young men make about drinking are part of their character. I don’t see how your McCarron idea puts any more light on this, a. McCarron was a candidate who got votes and did not have any crime acquations made against him. The question is only partly are the candidates disreputable or thugs. Are you saying the University he represents can protect him? or Are you saying this is a racial question?, because if you are? what if the accuser/ scammer was of the same race? Would it be helpful to remember that Manziel had better statistics this year than last year and received fewer votes?, because I believe one of the reasons he received fewer votes was because he was a party hound for the last year. You’re not automatically a thug when you’re a party hound, or when you sell autographs, but you shouldn’t win the Heisman either. It has absolutely nothing to do with race and it shouldn’t matter what University either. Important questions you raise Dawg, thanks for bringing them to the conversation.

        • I definitely am not playing the race card and never will. I used McCarron as an example because he is another well-known QB who was in the Heisman discussion and because he is Bama’s QB (the original comment was made by a Bama fan). I agree that the judgments one makes can be reflective of his character, but unfortunately, promiscuity is a part of the college culture. So, the fact that Winston had casual sex with someone is not at all indicative of him being of poor character. The same argument applies to a college student who chooses to drink. If you think those two factors (promiscuity and alcohol) should be used to judge a colleg-aged kid, then you would think that about 75% or more of college students are of poor moral character. Finally, who knows what went into the Heisman consideration, but Winston’s emergence plus A&M being less successful as a team likely played into Manziel losing votes.

  • Jameis Winston should not have won the Heisman. McCarron from Alabama should have. No one can match the record of McCarron over his career. What a shame a class act like McCarron did not win the Heisman. He was truly deserving. I agree with some of the sentiments expressed below. No, Winston was not proven guilty but I read the report and it did not look good for him. Very questionable actions and behavior. What the press doesn’t want you to know is this girl reported the incident the night it occurred, over a year ago. This was before Winston was a star but they want you to believe she did it because he was a star. He wasn’t then. There was also no upside to her filing the report. She wasn’t asking for money. She certainly wasn’t looking for exposure. To this day we don’t know who she is. Lastly, like OJ, Winston chose not to speak to the press or defend himself. This speaks volumes.

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