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James Franklin will call your boss so you can attend Vandy, Ole Miss opener

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James Franklin has been named one of the most insane coaches in the country, and for good reason. He’ll tackle players during practice and jump off cliffs, but he’s always been a fan favorite in Nashville, while building the Commodores program.

He’s very likeable and his enthusiasm is contagious, even venturing into the stands to thank fans for attending scrimmages.

The Commodores are having a blackout against Ole Miss for the opener, and one Vandy alum via Twitter said he’d love to go, but his boss said he couldn’t. So, Franklin being who he is offered to call the guy’s boss.



Let’s just hope JD’s boss isn’t a Tennessee fan.

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Comments 6

  1. Funny thing is his boss is a Tennessee fan lol

  2. Haha…yeah, that could backfire real quickly if the boss doesn’t like Vandy and/or James Franklin. “Oh, you don’t like my employee having to work on gameday? Guess what, now he’s scheduled to work EVERY gameday this season, at the time Vandy is playing!”

    • Then he works for a piece of crap. Any boss with an ounce of compassion, if they received a call from a college head coach requesting this, would give them the night off in a second. If not, it’s not really someone you’d want to work for.

  3. I would trade Vandy James Franklin’s in a second