Can Georgia stop LSU RB Jeremy Hill?


Georgia beat North Texas 45 to 21.

That doesn’t sound too comfortable of a win.

But hidden in the intertwining of the 21 points were two special teams blunders – a 99-yard kickoff return for a TD and a punt block for a TD, as the Bulldogs spotted the Mean Green 14 points.

North Texas was averaging 31.7 points per game and consistently moving the ball against its competition through the first three weeks, but a different Bulldogs’ defense showed up.

I’ve been in the minority thinking this Georgia defense can gel to be as good — or better — than last year’s NFL-filled unit. No, Jarvis Jones, Alec Ogletree, Bacarri Rambo and Shaw Williams aren’t there. It’s just a bunch of hungry, talented no names looking to make a name for themselves. There’s something to be said about that.

Saturday was a step forward.

The Bulldogs held the Mean Green to just 245 total yards and seven rushing yards. That’s improvement no matter who the competition is. The player leading the charge was OLB Leonard Floyd. Floyd recorded six tackles, two tackles for loss, two sacks and four QB hurries, and he is quickly becoming a ferocious player in the front seven. In fact, he’s the player we all thought OLB Jordan Jenkins was going to be, but it now looks like Floyd is the one making the push to replace Jarvis Jones’ production, not Jenkins.

Through three games, Georgia’s run defense is allowing 143 yards per game, less than last year’s defense, against two very good rushing attacks, but there’s a whole new test Saturday against one of the top backs in college football – Jeremy Hill.

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Hill torched Auburn’s defense for 183 yards and three touchdowns, and he’s the lifeblood of LSU’s balanced attack. Backups Kenny Hilliard, Terrence Magee and Alfred Blue are nice players, but Hill gets to another level. Rarely does one tackler drop him. He makes QB Zach Mettenberger better, and he makes WRs Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham more potent. Hill has the it factor at running back.

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And stopping Hill will be A#1 on Todd Grantham’s checklist of preparations.

Georgia will have to pick their poison Saturday. Do they sell out to stop the run and make Mettenberger beat them through the air? I think you have to, if your Grantham and Mark Richt.

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  • I’m waiting for the can LSU stop Georgia’s Todd Gurley article to be published…

  • He may be their best back…But there’s something the majority of those highlights have in common…Holes bigger than the ones in Les Miles’ disciplinary policy. That offensive line was just dominating Auburn and he wasn’t getting touched until he got to the secondary.

    • That being said…yes I think you do focus on stopping the LSU rushing attack and take your chances with Mett…I wasn’t at all impressed with him under pressure.

  • I don’t think so. But the big question for this game is can LSU’s defense stop Georgia’s offense. That’s what I can’t wait to see.

  • Jeremy “THUG” Hill should have been suspended and Jailed for what he did. So Miles lets the “Team” vote on whether he should play! Miles will play anyone. Coach Saban would have kicked his ass off the team so fast he would be dizzy! And you ALL know that’s a FACT, no matter what you say!

    • Saban never dismissed players from the team at LSU for fighting at bars. It happens more than you know or here about in Ttown. Hill was called the n word in the bar and should have walked away, but I don’t blame him. Who hasn’t been in a bar fight in college? Don’t be such a wuss, Bamapaul4.

      • Where I’m from that’s not what we call a “bar fight”….that was some straight cowardly sucker punch sh*t and the high fives afterwards were disgusting. And let’s not forget that little incident with the underage girl a couple of years ago. Not exactly his first scumbag move.

  • The REAL threat from Hill is that you can’t turn your back on him because he’ll punch your lights out.

  • When you’re already on probation AND you’re in a bar you aren’t making good choices. The fact he hit a guy so hard in the back of the head he knocked him out is just icing on the cake. I’ve not read the “n word” incident anywhere in any sports paper or website. Please cite your source. Point being Les Miles will do anything to win including playing violent criminals. He and Urban are peas in a pod…..

    • Actually Hill punched him in the front the other guy hit him from behind. Johnny football was in a bar fight the summer before last and then won the Heisman. The point is these guys are kids and make mistakes and I think Hill has learned from his. Source is friends who were actually there.

    • And Miles is nothing like Urban Meyer. Miles has dismissed several players including SEC Champ MVP Ryan Perriloux and Heisman candidate Tyrann Mathieu. Those 2 dismissals arguably cost LSU 2 SEC championships. They were absolute game changers….

  • I think Hill is getting too much credit. What defense has he played? Auburn definitely doesn’t have a high caliber defense. The bigger question should be whether or not LSU’s defense will be able to stop Gurley. I personally think Tre Mason is a great back, and probably the most underrated in the league. He gashed the LSU defense. However, as good as he is, he isn’t anywhere close to the level of play Gurley is. The LSU defense will struggle more stopping Gurley than the UGA defense will stopping Hill

  • Auburn’s D gave up a pretty high yards per rush against their prior 3 opponents before playing LSU, so it is not surprising Hill had a field day, as well. That said, Hill still looked like a beast with good to great speed. Granted, he had huge holes at times, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Hill is a better back than Mike Davis and is certainly better than Clemson’s RB. That, plus having a better O-Line spells trouble for UGA. Make no mistake: he will get his yards…but, will it matter if UGA’s O is clicking? No.

  • This game is important in regards to storylines about the SEC seeking a new identity this year i.e. offensive league or defensive league. So far its leaning offensive, but this game will help determine that perspective. I hope we see a defensive battle or else I’m gonna think the SEC is looking like the old big 12 this year. Excellent QB play with high scoring offenses, little defense. (Which I don’t mind as a tiger fan, cause our squad was built for offensive shoot outs). Im rootin for both defenses in this game.

  • How about changing the title to, “Can LSU stop Gurly”!

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