John L. Smith takes his smiles to Fort Lewis College

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It’s going to take decades of working at his new $67,000 per year salary at Fort Lewis College to pay off the tens of millions in debt that John L. Smith racked up in recent years. The 67 thousand dollar question is of course, what and where is Fort Lewis College? The Division II school is located in Durango, Colorado. Good news for John L. is that the program is coming off a 0-10 season, so there’s only one direction to go!

John L. has a good attitude, telling the Associated Press that¬†”The big time is simply where you are.”

Fort Lewis has a stadium which doesn’t seat quite 3,000 fans.

It is reported that Smith was offered more lucrative position coach offers at various schools, but Smith has chosen to be reunited with athletic director Gary Hunter, who gave him his first job in 1989 at Idaho.

Smith will have local skiing, beautiful scenery and a next to zero pressure as head coach. He’ll be far away from the pressure and big time football of SEC football… something that we assume both Smith himself and the Hog fans in Fayetteville are happy about.

Photo Credit: Beth Hall-USA TODAY Sports



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