Johnny Football’s viral trick shot video

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Comments 2

  1. That was amazing.

  2. mathguy
    Commented : 1 year ago

    Actually the shot from the very top of the stadium over the goalpost to fewer than 10 tries. This is according to an interview with the guys from Dude Perfect. They didn’t want to even try that shot, Johnny said, “let’s do it.”

    Re: Courtside seats at NBA games: They were paid for with family money. By all accounts the Manziels are “comfortable.”

    Yeah, he’s a one shot wonder. Oh yeah, he was also going to experience the Heisman letdown wasn’t he? Well, I am going to guess he’ll have the same letdown next year as he had in the Cotton Bowl. And trust me, he will have lots of weapons with a full stable of running backs and some great receivers.